Sunday Summary #35

Monday, September 15, 2014

This week has been one crazy kind of week. There has honestly been so much going on with trips to the woods, officially starting Uni, starting up my shop (again), achieving 200 bloglovin followers and having my sisters 21st birthday party on Saturday night.

I've been rattling my brain about what I kind of want to 'focus' on this week but there's just too much and I have already spoken about a few things already.
But I want to say thank you for everybody and anybody who continues to read this blog and comments, shares and likes it over the different social media out there. I'm honestly so unbelievably shocked that there are 200 people who have enjoyed this blog enough to follow it.  

Moving on, I mentioned it was my sisters 21st birthday party on Saturday night (it's her birthday today). We were having a bit of a house party and I think over the whole night there would have been at least 30/35 guest so it was honestly crazy. It's been a while since seeing some of my family, before Darren and I got engaged so it was lovely to have a catch up with them too. By the time I went to my bed, everybody had got their drunken shoes on. 

Spent the afternoon out in the woods! // Yay new membership card! :D //  Some new designs that will hopefully be on sale soon! // Amazing feature article in Computer Arts about graphic designer Felix Pfaffli.
Its honestly mind blowing to see that somebody can paint something so detailed and beautiful onto a feather! // OhMy! Hit 200 blog followers today! // Cannot wait to play this!!! // Amazing necklace from Hannah and a cute note card!

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  1. Such a cute cake! I'm always so in love with your photos. Congrats on 200 followers and can't wait to see what you come up with for your shop xx

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. Mum makes the best haha! And thank you, that really means a lot, never think they are very good! Thank you again! Hope you like them! :D xx

  2. When I saw the cake I was hoping that you were celebrating a dogs birthday to make me feel less strange for celebrating mine lol.

    Congratulations of reaching a great milestone! As I'm writing this I am now your 207th follower! Yey!

    Best wishes, Danielle x

    1. haha unfortunately no! i think my sister (and me to) would love to have a pet dog to celebrate their birthday. and thank you! :D x



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