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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

All Images are sourced from Pinterest
Over the past weeks or so I've been becoming a bit more interested in photography, especially creative kinds like collages. With starting University this week I feel this sort of style may fit in with the brief I have for Kinetic Illustrations. I love taking photos and feel this would be a great way to include them in my work. 

With some of my photographs I took the other day while out for my woodland walk, I edited them using overlays of hues and colours. The results of these were really interesting but I want to try and push these further to create dramatic images like the ones above.

I've also noticed that this styling has become quite popular in album artwork with many albums that have come out during the Summer months have opted for this sort of the design. Among these designs, they seem very nature orientated but I do love how the contrast between portraits and nature look once used together. 

Although, when I first heard about our module I was quite skeptical but now I'm looking quite forward to it. I will hopefully keep updating about it on the blog but I may create a new one for extensive research, development and annotation as it seems like it's something that needs to be very detailed to pass. 

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  1. I admit, I'm not a big art fan, but something about collages intrigues me. I like the combinations people come up with :)

    1. I'm glad that you've found some form of it you like! :D There is definitely a lot to art and people do some times just pass it of as 'one thing', there is a type of art for everybody!



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