Found This Week // 9

Monday, September 15, 2014

Amazing illustration by Joanna Grochocka.

I found out about this Year Walk through Markiplier- it honestly amazing and beautiful! It is available on Steam and ios but I would recommend Steam!

Robyn has finished her A-Z of Doggies Illustration, they are up for sale but they are so cute!
Brit & Co have put together a collection of the most creative proposal stories- be ready to cry!
Also found this week
 There are so many lovely designs in this years Lilla Rogers Semi Finals.
♥ Lots of great tip posts out there this week here are my favourites: Optical Intake // A Little Opulent // Brit & Co
 If you're getting into photography or are wanting to add some more to your kit this list will help you out!
I love looking at Caroline's collection posts, the pieces she finds are so beautiful!
Blog of the week: Hello, my name is Naomi- Naomi has shared so many great posts this week! Lots of posts to do with London Design/Fashion Week! 

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  1. oh gosh, thanks SO much for the mention, lauren! you've really made my monday!!

    robyn x

    1. Yay I'm glad! It is honestly a beautiful illustration! x



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