Dear September

Monday, September 01, 2014

 Dear September,
August has been one hell of a month! I feel that along with the past two month I've done so much this Summer that I'm proud of even if I haven't achieved or done everything I had hoped too. 

I finally managed to pass my driving test! Fourth times a charm. It's funny though, I've just reread the post that I made about passing and find it ironic how I said now I've passed I will be able to drive out to the woods/fields since Sarah and I done that last weekend (even though she drove, but still!).  

This month I'd also hoped to achieve a few other things, this time stuff I had actually listed onto this blog. I probably haven't been as successful with these things as I would have liked but it all adds up. 
I signed up for the #PostCircle group so it means I'll be getting round to sending more post out! However, I've still got to do my first one- oops! I've also continued my mailing back and fourth with Claire. I also received the travel journal which was really fun to do and definitely pushed me to be a bit more creative with my mail. I've also been hoping to come of my laptop earlier at nights to get a good nights rest. So yeah that hasn't happened! I think I have literally came of my laptop early like once, at the most twice this month! 
On a happier note though, I have been looking into and doing some designs for selling. I've contacted a few printing places but have yet to hear back from them (boo) about if they offer sample packets of the paper stock. I hope I hear back soon so I can finish designs and get an order placed! If you know of any good places that print things lemme know as I want to get things running! I'm also going to order a packet or two of necklace chains later in the week so I can start making up some necklaces! I'm still not too sure of ordering from ebay but for now it seems to be the best route. 

Throughout September I'm going to be heading of into the big bad world of University. With me starting in Third Year I think it may be a bit awkward since there will probably be friendships already formed in the class so I don't want to intrude. However, I want to kind of put myself out there a bit more than I had done at College. Continuing on the Uni front, I always want to make sure I add a bit more creativity to projects that I'm working on. I'm not sure how much of this I will be actually able to do but if I can't, I'm going to try and do some stuff at home instead. Thirdly, I know this is early, but I want to start getting organised for Christmas in a way! Last year I already bought a few presents by the end of September and it made it so much easier later on and meant I didn't need to spend so much during December. If I were to do this again, I think I would try and take advantage of any Etsy deals/sales if there is items that people I know would like. 

What do you hope to achieve this month?

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  1. Well done on passing your driving test!! Sounds like you have an exciting month ahead, enjoy every second. xx

    1. Thank you! I'll try to as well! :D xx

  2. Congrats on passing your driving test and good luck with uni!

  3. Congratulations on passing your driving test!! Yeah I try to go to bed early too but I can't seem to grasp that yet, maybe I'll try this month. Good luck with university but how come you're starting in the third year!? I would be so scared!! xxx

    1. Thank you! :D Yeah I'm going to try, I was actually away to come of my laptop and read when I noticed this little email notification saying you had commented! The irony haha! I'm starting in 3rd year as I've just completed my 2 years of doing a HND which is basically the equivalent of the first 2 years at uni :) xxx



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