Autumn Style Wishlist

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Dark Gray Cardigan // Leaf Vest// Nude Snood // Beanie // Woodland PJs // Cerise Jeans // V-Neck Top // Striped Jumper // Black High Waist Jeans // Vans // Loafers 
With Autumn surely coming in quickly, I've been thinking that I need to add some new pieces to my wardrobe. Usually when it comes to Autumn/Winter I tend to just dress up in my same summer clothes but throw on a jumper/jacket, however this year after pinning loads of pieces like thisthis and this, it's made me want to pick up some stuff!

One thing I don't tend to buy/wear at all is knitwear! I'm usually quite fussy on what knitwear I will wear as it can irritate my skin a lot. But this cardigan is perfect for this transition period into Autumn and the jumper would be great for layering with jackets. Another thing I've looked at (but probably don't need) are more tops! I love these two as they are both quite simple but could easily be dressed up. I'm also in the need for new jeans. I tend to buy the same kind of navy jeans and have three of the exact same style that I wear all the time! So I would love to mix it up with a splash of colour and black ones that will look a bit more dressier. I have loads of scarves already but none that are actually knitted snoods! This burgundy beanie is also so cute, perfect for keeping cold ears toasty. Lastly, I'm also needing new shoes! I've not had a pair of vans for a while but would love to add a new pair to my collection. One piece of clothing I've seen a lot in style photos is loafers, I personally haven't ever owned a pair so would love to get my own! Lastly, I've included this really cute PJ's! I spotted these in Asda last week and they have been on my mind since. They are so cute and soft, just wish they had my size!
By accident I've also noticed that the majority of the pieces I've included in my little wishlist could be used together or separately to create several different outfits! 

What are you Autumn/Winter key pieces? 

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  1. OHHH yes I am loving all the colours, I really love browns, marroons, green and black and now I can feel socially acceptable in them! love your picks and want some new vans too! xx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. Same! I tend to dress in reds, greens and blues anyway! But it's nice to dress in darker colours! xxx

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  3. Haha oh Pinterest, such an influencer making ppl spend money haha but I mean, it's hard NOT to, there's so many pretty things!! I'm gonna try and embrace the whole burgundy/olive green/grey colours this season too! :) Chunky sweaters and boots, I'm stoked for 'em!

    Cat ♥ Cachoo Joo

    1. I know haha! But it's just full of so many great things. I love burgundy, definitely feel its one of those colours that compliment my skin really well! I'm not much of a sweaters/boots fan but definitely getting into it haha!



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