August Favourites

Thursday, September 04, 2014

With another month come and go I once again have a few pieces that I have adored over the past month! However, some of my favorite things I haven't been able to photograph, I thought I would still share them too. 

Vanilla Primark Candle // I'm not a major love of vanilla but this is one that I do enjoy having a good whiff of! As it's Primark it was also really cheap- only £2 I think, such a bargain!

Avon Blemish Clearing Treatment // Another piece of love for Avon! This blemish cleaner is slightly tinted and has salicylic acid in it to help clear up your skin. With the use of my other blemish stuff I have seen such a difference while using this! I don't seem to be coming out with as bad break outs so throughout the winter months this will be staying in my make up kit!

Pentlel Pen // We all know I have a total obsession for stationery and pens are no exception! Although I own a mass amount, ones that even have cute patterns over them, this one is definitely my favourite. The ink writes really smoothly and isn't very prone to smudging making it a perfect pen. I've bought so many of these as I always lose them at work but the lasting quality of them are great too!

Avon Hair Detangler //  I've heard of these kind of things before but never picked one up. With Avon releasing it recently and it appearing in the First Look book at a really good price I couldn't resist! I love it all and always helps my hair get the knots and tangles out.

Oh Comely Magazine // I've mentioned my love for Oh Comely on this blog before but after waiting weeks for this to hit my local WHSmiths I finally managed to pick it up! As usual this wasn't a let down and the articles inside were brilliant to read and the photos lovely to look at. 

Other favourites this month:
Watch it - Markiplier // I tend to not watch a mass amount of YouTubers only watching my standard favourites and any Darren enjoys to watch. However, this month I was properly introduced to Markiplier, a YouTube gamer. His videos are hilarious, especially when he starts to get frustrated/scared but he is also a very sincere, loving person as he shares many videos and mentions how thankful he is a lot. If you love gaming you should check him out!

Play it- Monuments Valley // This game was also drawn to my attention by Darren. After having an evening of playing ilomilo, Darren decided to search to see if anything came up, which it did. Monuments Valley is, the best way to explain it, a combination of the games Fez, ilomilo and multiple others. The reason I loved this game at first glance was the design. The artwork created is beautiful and for any aspiring creative person, I hope you agree. Although the game does cost and they are still developing more levels it is worth it. The game play and story are just as beautiful as the graphics and a very enjoyable game to play.

Read it- The Creative Outlook // Amy's creative blog has been a favourite of mine ever since I started following it. However, this month she has given her blog a bit of a refresh and has started uploading some new content. All the artwork she creates is amazing and I wish I created more spontaneous pieces of art like she does. 

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  1. The Avon hair detangler looks amazing!!! Need to try it. xx

  2. Ooh that magazine looks so cool! Don't think I've seen here in NZ :O I want it!

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. It's amazing! I love it so much, definitely my favourite one.



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