50 Facts About Me

Saturday, September 06, 2014

After reading this post by Naomi, I had the realisation that over the past year or so of this blog I haven't share much facts about myself -apart from my newly added About Section and any questions answered in tags. So today I'm going to share 50! Enjoy...

Image Credit goes to my amazing friend Sarah
  1. I have loads of things with foxes/owls printed on them including 3 mugs, 3 necklaces and countless prints
  2. I've always seen myself working as a designer (even before I knew what a designer was)
  3. When I was younger, I once wrote a 'song' that these friends ended up singing at a gig once
  4. I'm a really fussy eater
  5. and to make it even more difficult, I am terrified of trying new food
  6. My first gig was technically JLS when I was 15...don't judge...
  7. I have a few published pieces of poetry in different books
  8. My granda is friends with Scotland's First Prime Minister- Alex Salmond
  9. I am totally in love with Edinburgh and would love to live there one day
  10. I've always been 'that' person in a group of friends who will take pictures of everything
  11. Before my blogger days I spent my life on tumblr
  12. And before then I spent my life making skins on bebo 
  13. I'm a total notebook/sketchbook hoarder
  14. I played violin for about 5 years.
  15. I've never owned an iPhone
  16. The idea of wearing anything like shorts, skirts, dresses or a bikini horrifies me.
  17. I hated writing in ink up until  5th year
  18. Darren and I own 3(maybe 4?) first editions of different Harry Potter books
  19. I feel very lucky for having parents that have supported me into wanting to pursue design as a carer- knowing not all parents are the same
  20. I desperately want to travel the world
  21. I hardly ever watch films
  22. From both hamsters I have owned, I have a) didn't pick either of them out and b) was on holiday when the both past away
  23. I'm actually an incredibly shy person
  24. Lemon tea is my favourite kind of tea
  25. In the past few months I have bought 5 mugs...
  26. I have never met any of my blogger friends, even though one goes to uni 15 minutes away from where I live
  27. Going to college was the best decision I ever made
  28. I really want a tattoo but not sure of what
  29. I've probably made more friends online than I ever have in real life
  30. Books are my life
  31. But I haven't read much recently and that makes me feel guilty
  32. Mario is my all time favourite video game
  33. I have never broken a bone
  34. My perfect home would have bay windows and exposed brick work
  35. I put stuff on hold way too often because I get scared
  36. I am a magazineholic.
  37. I have had at least 6 magazine subscriptions since I 6/7 years old
  38. My home town has an area with mosaics of the local area, one of which I helped make/design
  39. Sewing is something I have always wanted to get into
  40. Screen printing is very therapeutic
  41. I honestly don't feel like I am talented
  42. Autumn is my favourite time of the year
  43. Pinterest is my favourite website
  44. My left eye used to be lazy when I was younger, meaning I had to wear eye patches
  45. I still play candy crush
  46. I don't like permanently placing stickers anywhere
  47. Snail mail is so much fun
  48. When I have my own place I want to buy a typewriter
  49. I tend to wear only two different colours- blue and red
  50. I really hope that one day I own a successful shop

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  1. I want to put in a bay window in our main living room when we get around to replacing ours, but who knows! I'm super shy too - stops me from doing a lot but I learn to live with and around it.

    1. I love bay windows- they're awesome! Same here too.

  2. You are actually sooo much like me! :O

  3. You definitely should meet some blogger friends ie mee hellooo haha, I have a huge mug collection too I am over running the kitchen, and awesome about the HP books too xxx

    Blonde of carbs

    1. haha yes! :D In my home we have literally about +30 mugs! xxx

  4. I've never broken a bone either! I have never played candy crush haha.

    I love these posts, it's a great way to get to know people :)

    1. Definitely are. Thought it would be a great way to do a bit of an introductory to myself haha :)

  5. Love this post! We have so much in common. I think my anthem is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YyaSQLlS5e8
    I always wanted to learn the violin buy my parents got me a clarinet instead... maybe because we lived in a small house haha! I don't think the noises I produced were much better.
    Do go travelling if you get the chance. It is one thing I regret. I wish I had gone with my friend from uni after we finished but I went home and got a job instead and life tends to take over after that. x

    1. Thank you! :D I'll have a listen to your anthem, I can imagine I'll love it haha. I don't think I was actually pushed into violin or anything. There was a violin teacher came into the school and you could 'audition' for it and I did cause I wanted to play. Looking back now if I had had the opportunity for playing guitar or piano I would have taken that instead.
      I'll definitely try to! :) x

  6. Love this post! Gives me so much scope to write about things in snailmail. I'm going to do this kind of blog post too! Thanks for inspiring me. Xxx

    1. haha yeah it certainly does! You should as well, no worries! xxx



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