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Monday, August 25, 2014

These past few weeks I'm being really bad at uploading these on the Sunday- whoops! Although, last night I do have a proper reason as I wasn't really home. Sarah asked if I fancied going out with our cameras to catch the sunset and stuff, so by the time she had gone home it was almost 11! 

The rest of the Sunday was pretty great too. Darren and I went down to the Car Boot Sale with my Grandparents. There wasn't too much that I liked but Darren picked up a guitar for £5, not bad eh? After our little look around we had a little trip up on the Dotto Train to Dunnottar Castle, I'm not going to share to much about this as I'm going to share it during the week. In the afternoon, the Harbour Festival was also on so Darren, my mum and I walked down and had a look around. Surprisingly, Darren won two bottles of Chardonnay! 

Over the week I've also tidied up my bedroom (with a little bit of help) a lot! There is a decent amount of space to move around without getting caught up in bags. I also picked up a new storage stand from the Charity Shop on Saturday for £3!! So now my books have a little place to go for the time being. 

How has your week been?

1. Found the pins I got while I was on holiday in Florida today! // 2. Working on some thank you notes. // 3. Found this guy in a box while sorting through my cupboard yesterday. // 4. This is literally the CUTEST game I have ever played!
1. Got my goodies from the Robyn and Lilac Edge giveaway! // 2. Went to Dunnottar Castle for the first time I can remember! // 3. Took this picture of the sea from one of the castle windows.

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  1. Your photos from Dunnottar look gorgeous, can't wait to see more. Visiting the castle is on my to do list this year! x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. I don't have too many great ones but hopefully have a few! Rookie mistake forgetting my memory card. You should really visit, the views themselves are gorgeous!x

  2. A guitar and Chardonnay?! Sounds a fun weekend! "You can't go wrong with second hand storage for books, i've been picking up bookcases from yard sales when I can as all mine are still all in boxes from moving.

    1. Haha very lucky! I know, I am in serious need of (loads) bookshelves so finding one for £3 was perfect!



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