Sunday Summary #30 on a Monday!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Once again this post is a little late. When I got home last night I kind of forgot and had some other stuff to do/sort out before going to bed. Throughout this past week though, I have felt that I have just spent my days on the train. Everyday this week I have taken at least once. 
The majority of the week was pretty laid back with spending Monday/Tuesday/Friday with Darren and going to Dundee on Thursday with mum. The rest of the week has really been spent working away. 

On terms of working, don't you really just hate some customers you get? There is certainly a lot of people out there who seem to lose their manners when in shops. It absolutely gets on my nerves when customers do thing likes try get in front of a customers who has just finished paying/packing their shopping, completely blank you and act total snarky with you- you may actually have a bag, don't act like I'm being a crazy person!

How has your week been?

1. Yummy tropical cooler // 2. Such a beautiful night! // 3. Away to go assassination spree! // 4. Had a great day in Dundee with mum today.
5. Got a new mug today. // 6. So I did a little thing last night… // 7.Away to watch The Lego Movie with Darren

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  1. I know what you mean about some of the customers you get. Even with running an online store, sometimes I think people forget you still should be nice, manner and decency goes out the window at times!

    1. Oh definitely! I can imagine an online store can be worse at times!



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