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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Today I have decided to do another tag post based on all about why I blog and what I love about it. I found this tag over on Lazy Thoughts blog so you should go have a read of hers as well!
Also, if you haven't already noticed, this week I've updated my blog design a little by adding an About and Contact pages. I also changed my header but this is just a change for a little while, I shall get round to making one for myself at some point! 

1. When did you start blogging and why?
I started this blog up in June 2013. I've never been a stranger to blogging with being a tumblr obsessee for the 3 years before that. I also used to be one of 'those' people who had a Piczo back in the day. I started up this blog though as I had seen loads of designers also running a blog and finally started it after Clare pushed me into it.

2. How many people "in real life" know about your blog?
I'm actually not sure on how many people know about this blog. It's not really something I would keep quiet about but it's not something I shout from the roof tops. I wouldn't say many people do though unless they follow any of my social networking sites or I have spoken to them about it.

3. What are your favourite posts to read?
My absolute favourites generally include creative, travel or lifestyle posts. I'm not one to read all the way through beauty posts as they don't really interest me. 

4. List a blog you have discovered recently.
Probably my favourite blog I have come across recently would be Amy's blog over at The Creative Outlook. It's honestly a collection of posts that I love to read about, plus Amy is really lovely too!

5. Which post are you most proud of?
hmm... I think it kind of depends. Overall based on content and popularity I would have to go with DIY Memory & Reading Jar as it probably has some of the best pictures I've ever taken for this blog even though it was in December! I'm also pretty proud of my 20 before 20, What I learned from College and Coping With Stress.  

6. Any advice for future bloggers?
Enjoy blogging! It's easier said than done but don't get too caught up in the blogsphere. Try not get stressed about sticking to a schedule, writing a blog post when the inspiration comes will be much easier! Make sure you do just blog for yourself and post content that you enjoy writing about. 

As I wasn't ever tagged for this I won't tag anybody else,  but if you feel up for it then I tag you to do it!

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  1. Great post :)

  2. this is such a cute tag!

    from helen at

    ps. win some Raybans of your choice + a beauty goodie bag worth nearly £300 on my blog! click here.

  3. omg i used to love piczo!! i'd spend hours making shitty graphics on paint and sharing them on an ugly design i thought looked great. I do miss it a little bit. And I don't think i follow any beauty blogs... it's just never really interested me. xxx

    1. Haha yeah I was the exact same! One time me and my neighbours made a group one called "BALL" as it was all each of our initials of our first names in order from youngest to oldest... I follow maybe one or two but I tend to follow blogs that share some sort of creativity! xxx

  4. Oooooh! This looks like a fun tag!
    May do so in future




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