July Favourites

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Welcome to my first monthly favourites! I've hmmed and hummed about doing one of these before but just never decided to go with it. But this month I've gone for it. It's so crazy how quickly July has gone though, don't you think?

Black mini Satchel // I have a larger blue on already that I got for my birthday but for going out to Derren Brown earlier last month I needed a black one. With Primark having these for like £8 it was unlikely I wouldn't pick one up!

Dream Catcher Bracelet // This was one of my little souvenirs from Edinburgh. Even though the threading has came slightly undone I still love it. Plus I can carry a dream catcher wherever I go!

Striped Lace Top // Last week while shopping with my mum I spotted this little beaut in Debenhams. It is one of my favourite tops at the moment and it is so soft and comfortable to wear even in the warm weather the UK seems to be having at the moment!

Owl Mug // After chipping my large stripey one I was on the hunt for a new one. After going into exchange a few tops in BHS I spotted this little fellow and it is honestly my favourite thing to drink tea out of now.

Origins Spot Treatment // My absolute favourite beauty buy this month. With using it the past few weeks I have seen a remarkable difference in my skin. Any spots I do get seem to clear up a lot better than before. 

Paperchase Treat Me // So it turns out one of my favourite shops in the whole world has decided to trial out a reward card! I absolutely love Paperchase and there was no chance I wouldn't have been singing up for this. With the great treats you get with it I can't wait to start using it. 

Cameras // This month I've been mixing in using three different cameras- especially while I was away. I've been loving my Instax the most though as waiting for the result of it while it develops is so exciting. Although I still have to get my disposables developed!

What have been your favourite things this month?

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  1. OOOOh super interested in the Paperchase card, not only because it looks like their fancy striped wall, but because I spend so much in there! I wish they had a reward card where if you buy six sketchbooks you get a free one haha. I love the mug too!
    I've always thought that favourites posts were mainly beauty orientated, maybe because they are on Youtube, maybe I should do one next month!

    1. That would be an awesome perk! I'm the exact same there too, spend an absolute fortune! You should definitely do one, even though they are mainly beauty orientated it's nice to see something different!

  2. Ooh that satchel is so cute! I still really want an instax but I can't afford it at the moment :(

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. Thank you and awwh no! Save birthday/Christmas pennies?!

  3. That satchel is amazing! I saw some similar in H&M a while back and so badly wish I'd bought one!

    1. Primark still have them in stock and have a few different colours! You should go check your nearest one. :)



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