Found This Week #6

Monday, August 18, 2014

Floating House Series - Laurent Chehere
Laurent's collection of floating house series are remarkable. They are very beautiful and some even feel like it has been taken straight out of the film 'Up'.

Why Daily Mail Readers Will Never Understand Blogging on Away With The Fairies
Hannah writes about the experience and the horrible aftermath after The Daily Mail does a feature on her as a blogger.

Papercuts by Maude White
Amazing and intricate paper cuts all done by hand. After looking at many paper cuts a few months back as part of my College Work, this is probably the most outstanding and mind-blowing ones I have seen.

Abandoned Auditorium on The Dainty Squid
I always love look through Kaylah's antics and seeing her adventures into abandoned buildings. What makes it that much more special is when there is a really sweet story behind it.

Paris In Four Months
I stumbled across this instagram because of the blog A Little Opulent and all the pictures on the feed are really beautiful.
what have you came across this week?

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  1. I saw the abandoned auditorium post and loved it!

    Have a lovely day
    Jessie xo

  2. Those papercuts are incredible!



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