Creative Updates // 2

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I shared a Creative Update in the form of a blog tag. Since posting this and reading other peoples answers I've been thinking about what I wrote in the section 'What am I working on?'.  Other than the few things I mentioned in that post I didn't really include any details about them and didn't share any pictures. This in mind I thought I would do that today! 

Definitely my most exciting projects I've enjoyed doing during the Summer has been creating the se necklaces. It's been so much fun creating a design and then going along to Make and watching the laser cutter do it's thing! Although there have been a few (hello night circus!) that haven't worked out perfectly first time, it is all just trial and error. I've loved seeing peoples reactions to them and knowing that the people who have received them adore them and enjoy them!
I'd love to be doing many more of these (and sell them) so I've been looking into places like Ebay and Etsy to see if I can get some supplies like necklace chains. It's just trying to find good suppliers that you'll be able to go back to months later and get the same stock! 
I've also had a few other ideas that still need worked on like some home accessory items and other pieces of jewellery that I hope I can do soon as they won't really need any major supplies. 

The most personal design work I've probably created over the holidays has been the thank you notes for people who gave Darren & I engagement presents. With this piece it was nice to put my own little bit of flavour into it (sorry Darren) and tried to incorporate that diy rustic type feel that seem to be quite popular just now in weddings. I do feel that there was maybe something else I should have done to it as I felt the bottom was quite plain. I had planned on getting nice paper stock to print on to then send out but evidentially my dad just decided to print on some coloured paper he had in the house before I got. 

Another piece of design I've worked on was birthday invites for one of my mum's friends. My mum didn't really give me any direction with this apart from saying to try include cats in some way. In the end I decided to keep it quite minimal by using very neutral colours and then a pop of blue to highlight the parts that should stand out most. 

What have you been working on recently?

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  1. I LOVE those necklaces, I hope you sell them because I really want to get one! xxx

    Blonde of Carbs

    1. Thank you! :D At the moment I'm kind of just working on a 'want/buy' kind of way so get in touch! :D xxx

  2. Those necklaces are so cute!! I love the under the sea one. And the thank you note is adorable too, i think i'd definitely want that style for my wedding but who knows when that will happen haha! xxx

    1. Thank you! :D and it'll happen one day!! xxx

  3. That under the sea necklace is so gorgeous.



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