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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A very old photo from last year but it's pretty so I'm sharing!
A few weeks ago I was tagged by the lovely Claire over at Little Bohemian Butterfly to fill out this little questionnaire for the creatives! As one who always enjoys filling out tags, I had feared that when I filled out this once it would be pretty boring, but bear with me!

What am I working on?
At the moment I'm not working on anything big as I've just finished doing a few things. But recently I've been making a few necklaces for some friends and for craft swaps which has been really fun! I'm hoping to expand these designs and maybe make more to sell on the likes of folksy and etsy! 
I've also been in the middle of doing this little blog design up. If you have been hiding under a rock, you wouldn't have noticed that I changed my blog header last week. This little change is the one of a few I hope to do in the few weeks, with a slightly different blog design to be also in the works!
Recently, with getting back into the art of letter writing again I've been doing little bits and pieces for this! With recieving my package from #DICraftSwap, my letter back from Claire and the Travelling Journal and also hearing about my partners for #PostCircle I've got loads of writing to get into!
In news to do with all this, I'm considering starting a little thing for getting me to do some 'creating' every day but I'm not sure as of yet! 

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I have to say I don't think it really does. I haven't got a lot of just personal work out there at the moment though so maybe once that starts happening I'll actually be able to answer this question!

How does my writing/creating process work?
It depends mainly on the work I'm doing. If it's something like my college work, usually I will do some research (on pinterest mainly) and get some inspiration from it. Once I've done that some rough sketches will be done and developed on. Usually a lot of my college work would be digital so then I would go into -usually- illustrator and start playing with colours, formats etc. Then that ideas form the final one.
With more of my personal and creative work. I will tend to just do more experimentation and a lot of the time that means getting my watercolours out! Sometimes the experimentation can be quite quick as I have an idea of it already in my head and don't stray too far from it.
For the writing for this blog it also depends, majority of the time I get inspiration from different sources like other blogs, life and things I see/hear when I'm out. 

Why do I write/create?
I've always been one to write and create! From my late years at Primary school I was entering poetry competitions and had a few of them published in books. Nowadays, I love to write just to get things out there. I use this blog as a bit of diary of my life even though it's not overly personal. 
Creating for me is generally on the same line. I've not been one to do much art journalling but it's something I have been getting into and I enjoy just getting things down on paper. 

I think this has probably been one of my longest answers for a tag but I hope you have had fun reading them! Although I'm not going to 'properly' tag people I would love to see certain people answering these including: Lauren-DorkFeatures, Robyn-RobynMakesThings, Amy-TheCreativeOutlookCaitlin-Thistle&Tea and Hannah-Dainty&Ivory

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  1. I actually read this ages ago and I've only just posted mine back! Thankyou!! Yes definitely try selling although I've had no luck with Etsy yet, still not going to give up haha. I think doing personal work is the best time to experiment with finding your own style since when you get a brief you have to work fast and don't always have the time. The hardest part is knowing when you've found it.

    1. Agreed! It's very unlikely that with client work you will get that complete freedom to experiment. I know, I think worrying about my style is a set back of mine. I always hear people say "you need to have a distinctive style" and starting out that kind of scares me yano? Like I want to try so many things but feel I'll be going against those boundaries. xxx



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