20 Before 20: Ticking of #1

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last month I shared a collection of things that I hoped I would manage before my 20th birthday. If you follow me on social networking sites you would have already seen that I've managed to score one of these items of this week with finally passing my driving test!

It has been a long time coming and I am over the moon that I finally managed it. This was my fourth attempt and since I've been learning since December 2012 and had on/off ones since December 2013, I have just been hoping to pass since then! I'm really shocked I actually passed though as my nerves usually get the best of me but the examiner did help make me feel at ease. I didn't have as near a perfect record with minors like I had done on both my second and third attempts but at least I never got any majors this time which is all that matters.

I don't, as of yet, have my own car or anything but I have been put on the insurance for my mums car so I will still be able to do little bits of driving here and there. It'll be nice to have the easiness of being able to take a car and just go out to the woods or a field just to take some pictures and do some exploring. Hopefully I will get a car of my own but I'll need to make sure I have the money first since that stuffs expensive.

How are your goals/resolutions going?

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  1. massive congratulations!! passing my driving test and getting my own car was by far the best thing i've ever done :) not sure what your taste in cars is, but thought i'd throw it out there that lupos make fantastic first cars if you're looking for any. they're cheap to buy, run and insure and i've never had any major problems with mine in the three years i've owned her, just simple wear and tear issues on the mot such as windscreen wipers. but, most importantly, have fun with your new driving license!

    robyn x

    1. Thank you! :D I have to say I don't have much of a car preference, as long as it runs that's good enough for me! Thanks for the heads up though! :D x

  2. Huge congrats!! I'm 28 next month and still never even attempted to learn to drive and now i'm all stuck in my ways and stubborn about it haha although admittedly it's on my list to achieve before 30 - so two years to get around to doing that, maybe one day!

    1. Thank you! I have to say, if I didn't care about the fact that it would be easier for travelling (plus my parents kind of pushing me into it) I wouldn't have done it in all honesty! I'm sure you could do it in two years too! :D



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