What I learned from College

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This week I've already touched on my experience at college but I though I would also share what I have learned and taken away from my two years there. Obviously, I learned loads in terms of software, design knowledge and endless other things but I felt I would share things that hopefully, won't just be limited to this course or similar ones. 

Use all opportunities
Over my course, we were given quite a few opportunities to use different materials and try different things out. Obviously using equipment will more than likely cost something to use/do it but please do! I think back over my time and I'm so glad that I tried to make the most of everything that we were given. I definitely feel that my work and my understanding has development more than what it would be if I hadn't used certain things. 

Make connections
This past year, I have definitely made more connections with people. This point kind of relates to people from the other classes and other industry folk. With the big wide interworld out there, there's no excuse not to speak to people who are or have done similar courses to you. They can give you advice or a fresh perspective on your course and can be valuable contacts for the future.

Push yourself
I know a lot of people who, throughout school and then into College and probably University will do the least amount of work they have to do to in order to pass. But in the big mad world if you go the extra mile you will gain from it. Throughout projects go the extra mile. If you're doing some sort of creative project, add more to that project than what is just outlined. If you're doing an essay don't just use the first sources, everybody will use them, dig a little deeper and try and add something that other people may have not touched on. 

Make the most of your time
Again while you're at College or University it is important to actually use your time wisely. As I said in the last point there is always people who just do enough to pass. While you're schedule in for College actually go in, you never know what may happen and what you might miss if you don't. It's amazing how much work you can get done if you can sit down in your designated 'working' spot when the classroom or studio is quiet as nobody else is there. I had so many experiences of not being able to concentrate as classmates were making loads of noise!

What are some of the best tips you've learned throughout your course?

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  1. This is a great post Lauren, and so motivating as I am starting my second semester of second year on monday. I felt a bit lost and less motivated last semester, but I am so much more willing to put more effort in this time around

    xx Carina

    1. I was the same tbh! When I started second year, I just couldn't get into it properly. Hope it goes well for you!

  2. i find it surprising just how many people now have made it to third year on bare minimum effort while complaining about the workload. like, excuse me, you do realise university is a choice?! i suppose a thorough knowledge of industry helps you to realise though that success very rarely happens without pushing yourself, so if people aren't making the effort outside of their course to live, interact and work as a creative, of course they won't understand just how demanding the industry is. it's so fantastic that you're so active and aware of what you need to do to thrive as a creative, so kudos to you for figuring it all out so quickly!

    robyn x

    1. I know it's shocking how people can think like that! Like make the most of your time while your in Education. Take everything thats given to you and use it- don't slack off! I haven't figured it all out but I'd definitely like to think that I'm more aware than some people!

  3. I work with people like that! Although sometimes I'm too aware for my own good! X

    1. Yeah I get what you mean, I'm probably the same to though haha! x



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