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Saturday, July 26, 2014

For a while now on this blog I have been saying about wanting to open a little Etsy/Folksy shop up. However, I'm honestly so stuck on this. 
I've been wanting to do this for at least a year, and yes I managed to do it back in December of last year. But since then and even before then, I was just so confused with what I had to and what I would need to do. With many of the things I've planned and designed, they would need to be printed. So this brings in a huge area of who do I contact to do it, which company is best etc, etc. And as of recent I've been wanting and hoping to create jewellery like the one above, but I have no idea where is the best place to get supplies.

I've always worried about the pricing's of things as well, which is why I keep worrying about supplies. I don't want supplies to be so expensive that the prices are really high because I would honestly like to have affordable items. 

I would really love to make my shop and have it be a success as many other people would I just don't know where to start. If you have any advice about this I would really appreciate it, might end up meaning I get myself in gear!

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  1. This is tough, I had an etsy shop for awhile but as it was knitted/crocheted things it was pretty cheap to produce (just time). You could try messaging someone who has similar products? Or just scoping out in your local area for people who do this. Or you can just sell low numbers for a higher price and see what people like. It will be worth it when you start :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Thanks for all the advice! I'll definitely see if I can get any help from local sellers. :D x

  2. It can be really hard starting off, something I still need to work on but research a lot, contact others! I do hope you go for it because it looks like you've got some really amazing ideas and hopefully they'll all come to live soon. Lots of luck!!!

    1. Thanks! I've tried contacting people before and they've seemed off about giving details out which is understandable but it's a pain!



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