Sunday Summary #26

Sunday, July 13, 2014

 This has honestly been one amazing and utterly brilliant weeks- probably my favourite week out of the year so far! It's had so many highlights that I wish I could go back to this time last week!
Last week started with a major gaming day with Darren. We spent a lot of Sunday sat playing on his xbox playing games with his friends, with one game ending up becoming a drinking game (I took no shots during this- woop!). I've been wanting to play WatchDogs to play Hide and Seek again all week!
On Monday, Darren and I went to see Derren Brown live in Aberdeen. I've loved Derren Brown and his talents for many years and was so happy to actually see him live! It was a remarkable expierence, especially when you end up being tranced during the show- Ohman! It was even better to be able to go on stage and just watch from the side lines and see what happens up there during the show! 
Now for a large summary of our holiday as more detail will be shared later...
Tuesday we arrived in Edinburgh at about 1.30ish and made our way to our hotel. We ended up spending the afternoon trapsing from Grassmarket to The Royal Mile to Princess Street and back! That night we had dinner at The Filling Station and went on a ghost tour. 
Wednesday we headed up to the Zoo early and stayed till just after the Penguin Walk. In the afternoon, we went to the Dungeons and watched a lot of the Street Performers, one of which I got an amazing painting from! That night we had tea at an Italian called Gordons (would not recommend!!) and then went to a later ghost walk. 
On Thursday morning we had a walk down to the area beside Greyfriars Bobby Graveyard to then have another look through Grassmarket to end up watching more street performers on the Royal Mile. We ended up wishing we had more time to visit the Castle properly and do the Mary King's Close Tour. 

The rest of this week has been fairly relaxed with just more tv watching, game playing and hanging out with Darren's family. Although I was back to work today which has made me just miss Edinburgh even more!
How has your week been? Have you been to Edinburgh before, what did you think of it?
1. Away to go see Derren Brown with Darren!! // 2. Away to go on a ghost walk in an hour! // 3. A weird mark on one of the photos taken while we were down in the vaults!! // 4. Seen the Pandas at the Zoo // 5. Got this done by an awesome street artist on the royal mile tonight!!

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  1. Edinburgh is one of my favorite places. Could spend all day at the zoo along, great city to get lost in, always so much to see!

    1. Definitely! Loved exploring the Grassmarket area, so much cute, independent shops!



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