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Monday, July 07, 2014

So we're back again for another week! After last week I'm still contemplating this little 'segment' over but for now it's staying! Here's what I've been uh, drooling over this past week!

of yours, a secret
Salty Rose Drawing
I came across this illustrator from pinterest and all their work is amazing! Each of the illustrations are very thought provoking.

Eats // Donut shaped mini ice cream cakes
Donut Shaped Ice Cream Cakes on Sugar&Cloth
ohmygod! This looks ah-may-zing! Someone please make or buy me this so I can just eat it?

Emily Poe-Crawford
Emily Poe-Crawford Hand Lettering
I honestly can't get enough of hand lettering! It always just looks so pretty. Emily's work is honestly amazing so you should check it out!

The Cake Crew by Tobias Hall
The Cake Crew design by Tobias Hall
Two things: One again, this lettering is so beautiful! And two, how can people sketch things out this neatly?! So done.

thrift store cups with ceramic ink line drawings
Infusion of Tea and Art
The tea cups are so cute! Want to buy them all. 

Exquisitely and beautiful handwritten French notes...perhaps revealing a secret rendezvous or a tale of impetus love...
French Letters
Okay, I love seeing things like these! Old styled letters, postcards, etc just make me think so much: like who read these? Who wrote them? What it a secret love affair!? Like what was going on in these peoples lives!!!

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  1. Those teacups are adorable!! Want!

  2. I'm a sucker for that hand drawn type!

    New header looks awesome too, new blog button I assume? Just email me lrn ;) and I'll change it hah

    1. Haha I know you are! Still continuing on your summer type thing?
      Yup! Still have a few things to change/do but I'll send you it once I'm finished! :D

    2. I'm trying to keep to keep it going haha! We'll see how that goes..

  3. looks pretty awesome! he is so talented, though! x)

    Labina | Dear Labina Design.



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