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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My set up at the Exhibition
I've been meaning to write this post for ages now (well since I finished College) but have never got round to it. I've been wanting to write about it just for it to be something I can look back on in the future but also to give any person who is currently at College or going into College or even just thinking about it that little push. 

Some rubbish and okay drawings from Life Drawing
One of my many research boards from my First Year Graded Unit
2 and a half years ago, I had originally signed up on UCAS and was applying to study at Gray's University. But after some disheartening results from my English class, I felt like there wouldn't have been any point in applying. With a bit of push from my parents I ended up applying for the Visual Communications course at Aberdeen College. I will be honest here and say I never wanted to go to college at that point. I thought I would be better staying in school for 6th year. 

When results day came in 2012, I was heartbroken. I hadn't done extremely well in my exams and it basically put my hopes of studying Advanced Higher and English in the bin, and I even thought I may have to resit both. With this being the outcome my mum had told me if I had stayed on at school I would be pushed very hard and be given loads of revision by them. Unsurprisingly, I decided that College would be the route I would be going down. 

Pretty ink wall at screen printing.
My first ever screen prints. I still have these somewhere... I need to do something with them!
In late August, I had my first day of College and I was terrified! However, after an hour or so and a few ice breakers I was at ease as I had found out that a second cousin I had met ONCE was doing my course and was in my class! The course couldn't have started any better.

One of the photos from the trip to Castle Fraser
A photo of a workshop at Pick Me Up Festival
During my next two years at College things were pretty awesome, although there is always pitfalls in the road. While most of my time I spent at College I adored as I worked on projects I loved, made awesome friends that I hope I will stay in contact with, learned more and more about this industry and ended the 2 years taken part in an Exhibition. There were a few times when things weren't so great.

Things really turned when certain people started saying things that I felt were directed towards myself. Obviously in this industry you are always going to get that. But what I was more annoyed about is the fact that they would say things and yet not say them to my face and hide behind profiles on things like Twitter. It also annoyed my how pretty fake people could act as they would bitch about people that were meant to be their friends. I know people will say stuff about folk all the time but some things I did hear about other classmates was a bit uncalled for. 

Excuse the awkwardness, first time riding the underground selfie!
Anyway, getting back onto a good note! I really just loved my time at College because of everything I experienced, learned, tried (and failed) my hand at and created. A special circle of people from their helped make that time for me, mainly including two awesome friends called Aaron and Clare. These two guys gave me so many laughs over the past two years. Without their creative input and their support I would have never been able to make it through this course, so honestly from the bottom of my heart, Thank You! 
What's your experience at College or even University been like? Tell me below or link me to your blog posts about it! 

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  1. It's a shame about some of the people there but it still didn't stop you producing amazing work... I love your first screen prints! I really enjoyed my Fashion BTEC course at college but when it got to Art Foundation I didn't like it as much... Although I made lots more friends on the Foundation course than I did doing the btec! xxx

    1. Yeah, that's really true but because of their shitty attitudes it pushed me to actually prove myself. Thank you about the screen print too, I have no idea what to do with them, I have like 6 or something! That's weird that the two courses like that both had their ups and downs to them but I suppose that would happen to any course! xxx

  2. We look flawless ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing this - after GCSE's every pretty much either got a job or went into 6th form and headed to university life like I did, so it was great to read about your experiences in college! Shame how some people spoil it though, but I think you get that everywhere, there's always some people that find amusement from causing other people's misery. Anyway for me after 6th form I headed to university to study geography and then did an MA in sociology, seems a lifetime ago even though I only graduated in 2009, time has flown by since then!

    1. Yeah, unfortunately you do definitely get it everywhere! And thanks for sharing your story too :)

  4. I have to admit, I was pretty proud of my GCSE results and could have gone onto an array of lessons afterwards for higher education, but unfortunately I decided 6th form/year was for me...I just allowed my mind to be manipulated by staff and I kind of regret my options...I was considering a graphics design course at college but I don't know yet! A gap year or two and some big decisions to make will be hitting me soon!

    1. At least you have the starting point of going into something, it's a better position than some people. I've never understood 6th form idea since we don't have it in Scotland. If you're interested in Graphic Design I would recommend going to college or something but obviously there are many people out there who are graphic designers without the qualifications too.



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