Hello July!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

I can't believe that once again it is the start of a new month! Anyway, let's have a look at how I managed last months goals!

Save!- I haven't done as much saving as I'd like to due to the fact that Darren and I booked a little holiday to Edinburgh next week but my bank account is up to a healthier sum!
Enjoy- I've definitely done this! I've loved June! Even though my birthday hadn't gone all to plan it was still a great night and the End of Year Show was an overall success!
Develop- Ok so I haven't really done much of this but I've only been finished college for a week so July/August will be more high time for that! I have been able to get my camera(s) out more so at least that's something!

Create- I've said this enough times to not have actually done it yet! But this month (and next) I will create more for my shop and myself!
Make the most of my days- this summer I don't want to be sitting on my but doing nothing all day! I was out for a large amount of the day and I had a great time catching up with a friend and taking some photos that I want to do things like that more!
Continue my reading habit- Last month I've managed to get a through a few more books than I've managed in past months so I hope to get back into my old swing of readings! 

What's your goals for the next month?

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  1. Oh I hope you manage to find the time to be creative and get crafty this month - make use of all that lovely evening sunlight! July for me seems to be about moving into our house, cleaning, unpacking and hopefully tackling a somewhat unruly garden!

    1. Thank you! :) and ooh busy month then!



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