Found This Week #3

Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm sure that this week again I have seen so many things that I honestly can't remember, but anyway here we go!

The Flower Garden - Rebecca Louise Law
This women has done amazing installations. Her designs are mind blowingly beautiful!
How to Sell Your Art // Email Marketing - Market Your Creativity
The tips on this blog post are really great. If you ever plan to try and sell/promote your artwork through a mailing list I would definitely give this a read!
Alli Speed Vlogger
I've highighted on this blog before about Alli Speed but with recent events she has definitely taken a huge stride in her life just now. At the moment, she is on a YouTuber trip across Europe. Her vlogs are incredibly insightful so you really should give them a watch.
Will You - The Tea Drinking English Rose
A package Charlotte sent to her bridesmaids-to-be. The packages created are incredibly beautiful and I would honestly be so happy to receive one of these myself!
Street Art -  Brit&Co
A collection of brilliantly thought out pieces of graffiti. 
What brilliant things have you stumbled upon this week?

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