Travel // Edinburgh Photo Diary Day 1

Friday, July 18, 2014

Thursday was our third and final day (sad faces) and again we decided to get up early to try and make the most of few ours in Edinburgh! 

For breakfast, we decided to go back to the Filling Station after adoring our meal their on the Tuesday! I have to say I wasn't overly impressed with it. Darren decided to have the Breakfast Feast, where I just opted for the simple toast and jam! In the end Darren decided that he wouldn't want the last of his pancakes (I'd already stolen the first two) but I wasn't able to eat them. I'd not really been feeling to great that morning so that's probably the reason as to why I didn't enjoy it too much. 

After finishing up breakfast, we headed out into the roasting morning sun and started on buying gifts for people. With the large amount of stereotypical 'Scottish' touristy shops there was a lot to look in but essentially they all had the same products. After making our way about 3/4's up the Royal Mile we decided that we would be best to go have a look in the Castle at that time too. However, we never ended up actually going in properly as we never expected it to cost so much just for entry, and with only having about an hour or so left we felt it wasn't worth the money. 

With our backs turning away from the Castle, I mentioned about going down to Greyfriars Bobby Statue and Graveyard to get a proper look after only seeing them while quickly passing them on the Ghost Tours. There was also a few lovely shops around the area so of course I needed to have a look in! After this little walk about we headed back to Grassmarket (again, I know, I love that area!) and had a look in the shops that had been closed the other times we'd been there. On our way back up to the Royal Mile we stopped into Hula. Not being a big juicer or smoothie fan I opted for a muffin and Darren decided to try a Blue Hawaiian, which he has been craving ever since we've came home!

By the time we had got back up to beside our hotel, we were both pretty hungry and was wanting to grab something for lunch. For our lunch, we ended up just going to a Sandwich shop on the Royal Mile. I can't remember what it was called but it wasn't anything special. While sitting eating our lunch, I noticed a motivational quote taped to a post, it's lovely seeing things like these!

With about 45minutes left till our taxi came to pick us up, we just stayed on the Royal Mile and watched some more of the street performers. We spent the majority of this time was watching a Comedian Fire Juggler! He was hilarious and his interaction with the audience was brilliant. 

With all this and catching the taxi we were once again back at the Bus Station to go home. It was a bit of stressful travel home as we had to switch buses half way home! But it was still an amazing trip and I honestly can't wait to go back! Darren and I are already planning to go some time later this year. 

You can read about the rest of our trip here: Day One and Day Two- Part One / Part 2

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  1. I can't wait to visit Edinburgh one day! I've heard lots of amazing things about it and the photos look awesome :3
    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  2. It is brilliant, you should visit! And thank you!



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