Travel // Edinburgh Photo Diary Day 2 -Part 2

Thursday, July 17, 2014

To read about what happened earlier on Wednesday you can read it here. Or if you still have to read about what happened on Tuesday, you can read that here

When we got back to The Royal Mile area, we ended up booking another Ghost Tour and then went down to the Edinburgh Dungeons. Darren's never visited the Dungeons anywhere so it was a must that we visited it. While in the Dungeons, I was called a witch, not a very good one as I conjured Darren up who was called "hairy" by the Judge! The Dungeons were great and I can never get over how much interaction they do with the groups! 

After being on this tour, we decided to try and find somewhere for tea but ended up getting distracted by a street act. The street act we stopped and watched for about 30mintues to an hour was a spray paint artist. I had seen a video of these back in my tumblr day and had always hoped to be able to get one! After watching him complete one and do another from start to finish, Darren asked the man if he could do one for me! I absolutely love my little painting even though it got a little wrecked on the way home. 

After having my piece of art all finished, we went on our search to find somewhere for tea. With my being extremely fussy, it ended up taking ages! In the end we settled on an Italian on The Royal Mile beside where we went the night before. I have to say we were both extremely disappointed in our meal as they food was extremely bland and the service was appalling! We've both said now that it is probably the worst place we have ever gone to eat out to!

After our meal, we decided to go back up to our hotel room for a while as we were extremely exhausted from being on our feet all day! While we were back in our hotel room something amazing happened and totally made the whole trip memorable beyond belief. If you've been following me on twitter and instagram you have probably already seen what this could have been. But anyway, last Wednesday night Darren ended up proposing to me and asking me to marry him!!! Of course I ended up saying yes to him and we just stayed in our room until we had to leave for the Ghost Tour all cuddled up. 

The Ghost Tour we went to that night ended up being even better than the one on Tuesday even though it was by the same company. That night we were being shown about by a guy called James(?) and he was so energetic about everything he was speaking about. I think the tour was meant to last about and hour and a half but after being told a few stories on the way to the graveyard and then several in the graveyard, another few in the Vaults and even more on the way back to where we started, the whole tour ended up being about 2 and a half hours long! I think the reason Darren and I enjoyed this tour so much more than the last one was because you weren't just told the gory bits about a story, you were told about the history leading up to it. So I'd definitely recommend going for a later tour, might just get more out of it! 

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  1. Oh my gosh congratulations on your engagement! That's so exciting I'm so happy for you both! <3 xx

  2. Congratulations! You must be over the moon! Your trip looks so lovely, I'd love to visit Edinburgh one day! It will always be a special place for you now! <3

    Hayley-Eszti |

    1. I really am! And it will definitely, hope to visit again and again! Would be a dream to live there/near there in the future! <3



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