Travel // Edinburgh Photo Diary Day 2 -Part 1

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day two in Edinburgh started bright and early as we wanted to try and get up to the Zoo pretty early! By the time we got of the bus and up into the Zoo it wasn't long after 9'o'clock, so the Zoo had just opened and was extremely quiet.

With the Zoo being really quiet when we first went in it had meant that we were able to go round the different animal enclosures in peace and get those perfect shots. It also meant that we were probably able to spend extra time looking at the animals without them being over crowded. We were ended up walking up to the highest part of the Zoo and be able to see the view across Edinburgh without an interruption.

A few of our favourite animals we ended up looking at probably included the Meerkats, Monkeys, Penguins, Pandas, Koalas and other cute tiny animals! We probably spent the majority of our time between the Monkeys and Penguins as they are just so entertaining to watch.

At 12'o'clock we went to see the Pandas, and oh my, they were amazing! The time we went at couldn't have been any more perfect as they were so active! The Panda carers had told everybody to be extra quiet as they think that the female one is pregnant and she may be prone to leaving the shelter. It was amazing just to be able to watch them, especially the moment when the male one accidentally pulled his whole pile of bamboo over his head and on top of him!

We ended up staying till just after 2.30 so we could watch the Penguin walk that even though it passed really quickly, was so adorable! Snowflake, a penguin with a disease also made a little appearance along with 5 other Penguins, which I found out later was actually a lot!

To see what else happened on Wednesday you can read about it here. Read about Day One in Edinburgh here

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  1. Such lovely photos. I actually went to the zoo a couple of days ago, but I'd love to visit Edinburgh zoo one day soon to see the pandas!

    Sammy xx

    1. Thank you! And they are some awesome pandas! xx

  2. oh it looks so lovely in the sunshine! i visited last year on a grey october day and waiting around almost two hours for the panda to come out would surely have been more enjoyable if the weather had been a bit more pleasant, haha. she was rumoured to be pregnant when we visited too but she turned out not to be, so i wonder if there really is a little one on the way this time – if so, another trip will be in order!

    robyn x

    1. Aw no two hours!? We weren't meant to be till 1'o'clock but was able to go at 12 instead, probably a quiet time since it's at lunch! Maybe they just say she's pregnant all the time haha x

  3. I went to Edinburgh zoo but unfortunately we weren't able to see the pandas which was the main reason we went but the view is amazing from the top! And the penguin area was worth going for because it's so cute.

    1. Oh no, that's a shame! Was kind of the main reason we went too. They are adorable, I love them! xxx



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