Car Boot Haul #1

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

During the weekend Darren and I were able to visit my local Car Boot as I wasn't working the morning. We are usually quite sceptical about going to this one as it doesn't usually have many outstanding 'buys' but this weekend was probably one of the best we've been too. 

Ladybird Postcards - 3 for £1
How adorable are these postcards?! They were literally the first things I spotted when we walked into the Car Boot Sale. They seller had a huge collection of these and I really wish I picked up more like the 'What to look for in Winter/Spring" editions. 
Ladybird Books - 5 for £1
From the same stall, I picked up 5 ladybird books- obviously I haven't pictured one as its for the #DICraftSwap. The batman book on the left is Darren's as well but the rest are for me.
Harry Potter Playing Cards for Magic Tricks - 50p
Darren picked this box set up from another stall. Once we had got home he had only realised then that the cards were for magic tricks purposes only and not for just like playing card games. Unfortunately, once I sorted them through, we had one missing!
MarioKart DS Super Race Set - £1.50
This was probably one of the biggest finds from our little haul but was also quite an ironic one! About a month ago when we had gone to Thainstone Car Boot Sale Darren had noticed a similar set there but the seller had been asking for like £15. At the time Darren didn't bother picking it up as it was a bit of a hassle to take home. But when someone closer to home was selling it for only £1.50 he couldn't leave it behind this time!
What have you bought at Car Boot Sale/Thrift shops recently? 

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  1. Love the Mario Kart game - that looks like it would be awesome fun! We haven't had time to hit estate and yard sales like we normally do with moving, but we did managed to grab a vintage bookcase for like $6 the other day and some gardening books from 1907 which I love.

    1. I hope it is, we haven't tried it yet as I had to work later in the day! $6 for a bookcase is an awesome deal, I hope you've uploaded a photo somewhere?!

  2. I love the postcards they're so pretty! I'd never send them though they're so cute :P xx

    1. I know! And trust me I won't ever send them! xx



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