The Bedroom Makeover

Friday, June 27, 2014

For months and months I've continuously been going on about wanting to "update my room", "give it a freshen up" and so on. Now that my days don't have much to do I've decided to get started on it this week! To give you an idea of my room and what I hope to do this post is just a few photos of my room before anything has been done- sorry about the mess!

Not too size layout of my room

To basically sum up my room without looking at the pictures- it's quite a small rectangle shaped room. The main problem with my room is the actual placement of things in my room. On one end of my room there is my cupboard with a radiator sitting right next to it. Then on the right hand wall there is a small crawl space(?) type storage area that has loads of my mum and dads wedding gifts and such. From that wall it comes up at a slant with the window being their. Then on the wall directly across from the main cupboard is the bedroom door. All of these elements generally cause a bit of a kerfuffle when it comes to trying to place furniture. 

Now done to the nitty gritty- what I will do, what I hope to do and what I would love to happen but probably won't!
What needs to be done
Clear out my cupboards/drawers: so this is probably the biggest challenge and possibly will take the longest. The reason being because I want to do a bit of spirng cleaning and get rid of any clothes, toys, etc that I don't need/fit any more so I have more space. I started this the other day and already filled about 5 black bags and 3 plastic bags!
Get good storage boxes/baskets: following on from the last point this is a must! I want some really cute storage boxes like this one from Matalan that I wouldn't be shamed to have on show. I also need a some new storage boxes for in my room for make up and stationery. 
Get a desk: This might be a bit further down the line but with wanting to do a lot of design work and stuff I need a space where I can sit and actually get down to it. At the moment I will either sit in my bed and design stuff or sit on the floor in my dads office/living room to cut, trim and make stuff. 

What I hope to do
A new bed: I have to say that from the photos above my bed actually does look a decent size but trust me it's not! For nights when Darren stays over, we end up sleeping in the spare double bed down the stairs. A double bed obviously wouldn't fit in my room but a small double might! My mum has hinted to me getting this so hopefully she keeps her word!
Room repainted: In both photos you can see a butterfly boarder going round my room, which is something that I don't exactly like any more. The last time I had my room painted was when I was in Primary 6 so that's literally about 2005 which is almost 10(!!!) years ago. Again my mum has also said that my room does need a freshen up and a new coat of paint so hopefully again she keeps her word!

What I would love to happen:
New chest of drawers: The ones I already have are pretty great but they are also getting quite old, I think I probably got them not long after 2005 so they are ageing too! A few of the drawers are also breaking and falling apart making it hard to actually open them up.
New flooring: This is the exact same circumstances as my room being painted but I'm not too bothered about it. The only thing is, is that the carpet is getting worn away with all the furniture on it and such. There is also a few marks from make up and late night painting mishaps! 

That's really all for now, if you have any tips that you think that would help me out or are in the same situation yourself please let me know below! 

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  1. Definitely clearing things out makes a huge difference to your room! If you have those things that you don't really want to throw away but don't think you need right now just stick it in a box and put it in that crawl space! You could always ask your parents if they'll take their stuff out of it. The less stuff you have the easier it will be to redo everything. Hope you have lots of fun with redecorating :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. Yeah definitely! I filled about 5 black bags and 3 standard size plastic bags with like just half of my cupboard! I still have the other half and the top of the cupboard and then all the drawers in my 2 chest of drawers, bed and bed side table to do so I'll probably be up to like 10 black bags (minimum) when I'm done! and Thanks!! :D

  2. Start by donating stuff to charity shops, it always helps me sort my mess out ;)
    Following you now via Bloglovin and GF :)

    1. Yeah that's probably what will happen anyway. Might try and do a few car boot sales though! and thank you! :) xo

  3. A bedroom freshen up is so wonderful...One of my rooms (yes I have 2 bedrooms as my sister moved out) has been done up...Now I'm waiting for my other room to be done! Hope you get your drawers and flooring!xx

  4. You have so much stuff, I also have a small room and no where to put it! Good luck, I'm useless at getting rid of things!

  5. haha yeah, a bit of a hoarder here! And same! D:

  6. Sounds like some good planning! I'm looking forward to seeing the result :)

    Just going to echo the others and say clear out everything you don't need! My room is quite small but feels so much bigger after I got rid of lots of things :)

    When you decorate h&m have some lovely affordable pieces!

    Hazel Jane x

    1. Yeah definitely! Still need to finish clearing out but I've already done a big bit already! I've noticed that! Was having a little look online a few weeks ago and some of the stuff is really cute! x



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