Sunday Summary on the Monday #23

Monday, June 23, 2014

So last week I had originally said that I would be updating this blog more after Tuesday, evidently that never happened! I hadn't realised how busy I would still be while the show was on trying to keep things stocked up. Also, ignore the fact that this post has been once again shared on a Monday instead! 

Obviously this week was full of craziness from the show being on and then taking down in a few days. Monday and Tuesday were mainly spent doing the last lot of prepping for the show, with Tuesday also being the opening night. On the opening night it was great, but oh-so warm! The rest of the week I popped in to see how my stock on the freebies were going and then I found out that the design I had done for the Livres Animes poster would be taken into consideration for being used on promotional material and the College Calendar- ahh!! 
On Friday night after the show had been taken down, I went out for tea with my family and Darren to celebrate the show and to celebrate my sister graduating from Uni! The rest of the weekend was pretty boring with my working more or less all day Saturday and Sunday.
How was your week?

1. Final book covers for the show tonight! // 2. A little sneak peek of my set up // 3. Found this sitting on top of my laser cut poster!! // 4. Went to a Chinese restaurant and had these awesome hands wipes. // 5. Awesome veg anaimals! // 6. My buys from the car boot sale last week. 

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