Pinterest Favourites #22

Monday, June 02, 2014

Another Pinterest Favourites! I've been kind of going crazy on the pinning for college but much else, as usually I want to keep those college related pins for my college enteries! So expect to see them later in the week. 

#cover Paulette #magazine (France)
Paulette Magazine Cover
I've come across a few editorial pieces and this has to be one of my favourites! The cover is so beautiful with the mix of hand written type and the photograph. The illustrations at the top are also really lovely!

Deer themed party cake
First Birthday Cake on CraftinessIsNotOptional
omg this cake! I have literally spammed my mum with this and asked her if I can have a similar one for my birthday in 12 days- but with a fox, obviously.
Polka Dot sheets
Bedlinen on The Design Files
I love these bed sheets! Usually I'm not a fan of pinks but the pastel used with the bright colours of the print above the bed just work really great together and look very dreamy!
I love the writing
Alaska Illustration by Allison Colpoys
I really love this illustration (and the whole book design). I just want to pick it up and read it- such power a book cover can do if done right!
I hope you've liked the few pins I've shared this week, remember to keep up with and have a look at every pin over on Pinterest @LaurenGemmaHay

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