May In Review

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

This month overall has been pretty calm in the amount of things I've been doing. But what I have been have been doing has been crazy busy!

Reading- The Book Thief (finally finished!) and Oh Comely
TV Shows- Not too much- too much programmes to catch up!
Films- Godzilla, Paranormal Activity- The Marked Ones, 
Listening- The Frozen sound track, We The Kings: Somewhere Somehow, Neon Trees: Bad Habits, 
Buying- Stuff for Darren's Anniversary, magazines, beauty products, tasty drinks!
Doing- Getting ready for Exhibition, Blog Every Day in May
Looking forward to- Stonehaven Fee'in Market*, My Birthday and my end of year exhibition!
*If you are around Stonehaven/Aberdeenshire this Saturday you should make your way into Stonehaven and visit the Fee'in market! It's a great market held the first Saturday of June each year and it's a really great community event with local music, dancing, and stalls! Look forward to spotting anybody that I know!

What have you been doing this month?

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  1. Oh Comely is the best thing ever!

    1. I know I love it! And it's so cheap too!! In love with it <33

  2. Did you like The Book Thief?! :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. Yeah it was pretty good but a tiring read!



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