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Thursday, May 22, 2014

For today's blog post I just went to back to basics- a tag! But with one of my majorly loves being books I felt I would do the 'This or That' one. I found this on Devin Reads

Audio or book in hand?
I have to admit I've only started listening to an audio book this week! I have to admit I do love the idea of being able to get through a book while doing other stuff like driving and sketching but I love the feel of a book physically in my hand. 
In the end, I think I'll always choose book in hand! 

Soft cover or hard cover?
I don't really have a preference when it comes to this. I like both, but my bank account likes soft covers a lot better!
Fiction or non-fiction?
I only ever read Fiction to be honest! But I wouldn't ever say no to a non-fiction as long as it spoke to me on some level!

Fantasy or real-life issues?
I have only read a handful of real-life issues but I do love them! Fantasy is my go to though, it's something I've always been interested in. 

Harry Potter or Twilight?
I've never read or seen the interest in Twilight so it's Harry Potter all the way for me!

Kindle, iPad or Other?
I think it depends for what it is. Obviously for reading it's the other as I prefer the physical version. But if I had to pick a digital book to use I think I would prefer a kindle as it would be more specified to that and I'd be less likely to get distracted!

Borrow or buy?
I think if you look at my bank account or my room in general, it's buy! I've not borrowed a book from someone/the library in years! However, it is something I seriously need to get back into doing, save me some money. 

Bookstore or online?
Always a bookstore! I love the atmosphere and the whole thing of it. I've had so many great conversations with people in bookstores too- something you'd never get online. I also love being able to sit in either the seats that they provide or in the Coffee Shops that they have and just read for a good hour. It's so calming and it's nice to be reading in a different environment. 

Tell me one time or total trilogy?
I love both types of books! And I will have probably read waaay more series than stand alones. But I do prefer a stand alone book as there isn't that pain of having to wait for the next in the series. 

Monster read or short and sweet?
I don't really know what is classed as a monster read or short and sweet. But my perfect kind of length for a book is about 200-300 pages. Any less I feel that you don't get to read much into the story and any more I generally take ages to get into and get bored of. I'd probably get into longer reads if I started getting into books a lot more like I used to!

Starry eyed romance or full of action?
I like a mix of both of these. I couldn't read a book that is just one of these as it would be one that I would get bored of/take months to read. 

Curl up in a snuggie or bathe in the sun?
I truly love both of these. But at the moment I have to say bathe in the sun. It's been a while since I've been abroad on holiday and that's usually when I get into reading most. The last time I was away was to Lanzarote and during the week we were away I read about 7 books I think. I love just being able to lay back in a sun bed and reading all day long. There's nothing better!

Hot Chocolate or latte?
This is an easy one due to the fact that I'm not a coffee lover! So Hot Chocolate all the way. But I'd be happier if it had marshmallows and mint syrup in it too!

Read the review or decide for yourself?
Decide for myself all the way. Through the majority of the books I've read over the years it's been because I've seen it and thought 'ooooh that looks interesting' and just read it. I have looked into reviews a lot more recently for just generally finding new books but I'll always be that person walking round a bookshop and picking out the ones I think look the best! 

That's another tag I've finished! Now, I tag all of you bookworms to read it to!

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