Pinterest Favourites #20

Monday, May 12, 2014

This weeks been a mish mash of stuff on my Pinterest! With a lot of it being inspiration for design projects at College. However, because I'll probably be doing a 'research/inspiration' post for them I felt I would keep them out of it for this week!

beautiful plants and flowers drawing
Untilted by Ishtar Olivera Belart
I love little line art pieces like this. It's so beautiful.
Pretty old books.
I just love this picture. Books are the best.
Polaroid by Azzari
Pictures like these make me so jealous that I don't have an
awesome instant camera with film! So want one.
Door, Alsace, France
Door, Alsace, France
How awesome is this door? I wonder where it leads to.
Grégoire Dacquin
Poster Design
I don't know why but I love this poster. It's very intriguing even though
I have literally no idea what it says or what its for!

Sorry for not having much interesting pieces this week! My pinning really has been focused on my design stuff for college. However, if you do want to see that or anything keep an eye on my Pinterest @LaurenGemmaHay.

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