Photo Diary: London! Day 3&4

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Make sure to look at Part 1 of my Photo Diary first so you can see what I got up to earlier in the week.

On Tuesday, I woke up feeling really rubbish and was all bunged up with the cold. However, that didn't stop me as I was not going to miss what we were doing that day.
In the morning we visited the YCN building. If you've not heard of YCN they are basically a community that support creative's across the world, they also have a design Student Awards held each year. While we were there we were given a talk about all the work they do and how they help students. After the talk we were given a chance to look round the shop. For lunch on Tuesday, Clare and I ended up going to an American styled Dinner where I had these amazing and massive pancakes. It was like I had a food baby! 
Tuesday afternoon was what I was most excited for- the Pick Me Up Festival! I'm really sorry to tell you all this but it is now finished for this year but it will be back next year! The one thing that I loved about this was all the different illustrations and prints that were there. Looking back now I do wish I bought at least one print. I do feel that the people helping out at the festival didn't seem so engaged when we went and seemed pretty bored. In the end I do feel that it was inspirational but it would have been great to get some more interaction from the designers. 
After we were all finished up here, Clare and I took another trip to Covert Garden. However this time due to the tube strike we had to take a bus part of the way. This time we had a better look at the shops and I discovered Muji! I ended up buying a few supplies that will become important for my super secret new project and a pen! For tea on Tuesday we went to the Punch and Judy Restaurant but I have to admit I was pretty disappointed with it. 
On Wednesday it was time to go home! After leaving earlier that everybody else, Clare and I got to Kings Cross and put our bags away in luggage storage. Obviously we couldn't help ourselves and went into the 9 3/4's Harry Potter store. For the third day in a row, we decided to go to Covert Garden again and hit up the market as the days we had gone before they were closing up. We both picked up a few bits and pieces then made our way back to Kings Cross. At about 20 to 2 we made our way onto our train home! After a long, journey I finally managed to get home and have a decent shower and nights sleep- which did help me feel a lot better. 

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of the photos I have taken while I was last week. Make sure to have a look at Part 1 if you haven't yet! 

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  1. Ah so much pretty art/design things! American styled Dinner sounds amazing - I like pancakes :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. I know it was brilliant! And omg yes! It was amazing but I could only eat about 3/4's of the pancakes plus I had fries (they were a bit disgusting though).



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