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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

In the past few months or so I've finally found products that I feel have helped improved my skin*. Just to give you a little back round on my skin, it is very acne prone with their hardly ever being a day where I don't have one white head or blackhead! The area around my eyes, nose and the side my face can be quite dry. Then my forehead, above my lips, and chin can be quite oily. So all in all I have a very complex combination skin type! I have to admit this year I have only started taking my make-up off properly at night and using cleansers and scrubs properly. 

Back at the beginning of the year I picked up a few Organic Surge products. I hadn't heard anything about them before but when I seen them in work and they were pretty cheap I thought what the hell! Since using this product more as of recent I have fallen in love with this face wash! It smells exactly like it says on the bottle and it does the job too! I usually use make up remover but when I'm having lazy nights just a quick wash over with this does the job. 
 Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash- Available here

 The second Organic Surge product I picked up was the skin perfecting face polish. Usually I don't like face scrubs as they just irritate my skin and make it really red. However, this product does the complete opposite! When I use this I apply it all over my face and rub it into my skin for a few minutes. Afterwards I'm always left with my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. 
Organic Surge Skin Perfecting Face Polish- Available here

I have to admit I am a complete and utter Simple lover! I've never really used any other moisturiser as I feel this ones always works well for me. It helps treat my skin when it's feeling dry but it doesn't make it feel greasy or over oily. It works perfect for me and for now I will be constantly repurchasing! 
Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser- Available here

 The second Simple product I use on a regular basis is the Kind To Eyes: Eye Make-Up Remover. When I use this I tend to add a few droplets onto a cotton bad and then wipe over my eyes and skin.
Simple Kind To Eyes: Eye Make-Up Remover- Available here

One of my favourite products that has definitely helped improve my skin is the La Roche Effaclar Duo Plus Cream. I've been using this for about 2 months now and at first I did feel it wasn't going to work. Over the past month I have seen an improvement in my skin and I have felt it has improve the look of any acne I have been getting.
La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+- Available here

I bought the Boots Simple Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream the same day as the Effacler Duo Plus. I haven't ever used an eye cream before and I feel like this little extra has made considerable difference. The skin under my eyes look more refreshed and I look more awoken after applying it.
Boots Simple Sensitive Hyrdating Eye Cream- Available here

The most recent add to my Skin Care Collection has been the Duac daily cream. Now this isn't a product that you can buy from the shops as I was given this as a prescription from my doctor. I have heard a few bad things about this from a friend which made me quite nervous to use it. But after using this for a few weeks I have seen an amazing change in my skin! The breakouts I've had haven't been so extreme as usual and generally any acne I have had has cleared up better. 

Let me know what have been your skin saviours recently, I'd love to hear what products you feel work for you!
*All products reviewed here have been purchased by myself or given to me. All views are my own. 

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  1. Simple range is awesome, I need to check out your other products.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. I love it but I want to test out some of their other products- the shampoo&conditioner is really intriguing! And you should. I know everybody has different skin but La Roche stuff is generally popular with most people!

  2. I love Simple's products, I use soooo many things from their range. The Organic Surge skin polish sounds perfect for me, I'll need to have a look out for it. Something that I've found really great for my skin is Lush's Grease Lightning spot treatment, I bought it just after Christmas and it still amazes me by how well it works x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. It's definitely a great product I would advise you to at least try it! I'll have to look the Lush's Grease Lightning spot treatment up and see what I think! x

  3. Definitely going to try the Simple products! Great post!

    -auré xox

    1. They are just exactly what they're called! Simple. and thank you! xox



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