London Trip Haul!

Thursday, May 08, 2014

While I was away in London I obviously made a few purchases from all the places I visited! However, in the end including all my spendings on gifts, souvenirs for myself and meals I only spent about £200!

During our visit to the Design Museum I picked up quite a few little things. One of these was this card/3D Animal Template. After doing the paper crafting from my last unit I couldn't resist it! 
The card on the right I bought was from the NoBrow Press Studios. It's so cute and it's also hand screen printed- I love it!

From the Design Museum I also picked up all these things. First things first, the badge, I love collecting badges as I find they are always great little souvenirs to pick up. 
The two middle things are basically something that was part of the Designs of the Year. These little pieces are basically part of a promotion where you would use them as bottle lids and once you're finished with them you can use it to play with lego. Being an avid lego player when I was younger I couldn't resist these and at 50p a piece they were a steal!
The last thing I picked up for myself at the Design Museum was this little camera keyring. I initially picked it up because I thought it was cute. That night back at the Hostel I discovered that it actually works! If you press the shutter button on top it starts flashing.  

While at the Station on Wednesday I got a few things from the 9 3/4's shop. After being at The Making of Harry Potter a few weeks ago I didn't particularly want to spend too much in here so just got a postcard and a train ticket. 

The one thing I probably spent a lot of while away was on books. The first one I bought was the Hilda and The Troll book by Luke Pearson. I've been wanting this since discovering Luke Pearson's work about a year ago at college! When I found out we were going to NoBrow Press this went straight on the list and just had to buy it!
The other two books I bought while at the Pick Me Up Festival. The Snow Queen is basically a lot of mini stories based on Hans Christian Andersen and illustrated by Isabel Greenberg. I'm not going to lie, I did partially buy this because on story is similar to the one of Frozen.
The last one I bought was a magazine type one. I picked this up really to do with the fact that there was a lot of Paper Craft artists in it. 

Ok I really do love collecting Postcards! They are such an inexpensive way of getting pieces of artwork. Again I picked these up NoBrow Press. 

So the last thing I bought was this! A Hilda doll. I realise it may seem pretty stupid and some of you may not understand why the heck I would buy this out of all the things?! But I love Hilda and I couldn't resist adding this to my Hilda Collection! Once I get my room all done up it will have a special place on my shelf! 

I do have a few other things that I haven't shown in this post but I'm keeping that for a special post in a few weeks time! What was the last stuff you picked up while away on holiday? Do you tend to buy the cheesy souvenirs or go for something a bit more outrageous? 

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  1. Such cute stuff! where is the design museum? i'd love to go there, there's hardly any design related stuff going on anywhere except for london :( x

    1. Uhmm... If you were at tower bridge you would go down the stairs and then go down the Tower Bridge Plazza. It's on the south bank. :) My lecturers said its not open for much longer so pop in when you can! And I know it's really rubbish, was great to see it before it closes. x



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