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Friday, May 09, 2014

Today I was quite stuck on what I was going to write for BEDM but after reading Rosalilium's post and take on today's topic I felt inspired to well, write about being inspired! I have to admit this post is not only to maybe help any of you who are feeling stuck in a rut, it's also hopefully going to remind me of what I can do. As you know by now my time at College is quickly running out and I have my exhibition next month! So I really need my inspiration to be in gear and get me through it. What I mention below is what helps me, I hope it can help you to!!

To start of with you all know I love Pinterest! It is such a great resource and you can literally find anything you want- it's like a prettier version of Google! I have so many boards on it that I divide up into categories that make it easier for me to label things. It's also great because on those days where I'm thinking about something I seen but can't remember where it was from I can just look into the board that I would have pinned it on and follow the link. 

The second thing that I use a lot is of course books! Now I have many, many, many, books and they all help with getting my ideas rolling! I would say that I get inspiration from all types of books and not just those that focus on one subject or are YA books. Some of my favourite books to get inspiration from are the likes of my Print & Pattern Kids book by Bowie Style and Luke Pearsons: Hila and The Troll. 

Following on from books I also love magazines! I have always been a collector of magazines and up until a few months ago I had a drawer filled with magazines that dated back to probably about 2009! The one thing I love about collecting different types of magazines is that they all look different. Ones like Company always have great illustrations, where as ones like Home&Antiques can have amazing pieces of photography and architecture.

The one thing that is probably the most important to do to gain inspiration is to get outside! Nothings better than visiting a new place or going on an adventure. Seeing how different environments interact and how they look can spark a load of different things of in my head. Just like going to London last week has inspired me to really want to work hard and get my but in gear!

The last thing I'm going to mention is just social media in general. There is so many different forms of this but my favourites (not including Pinterest) is probably instagram and tumblr. These two are quite similar as they focus a lot on images. But I've spent nights on both of these scrolling through and looking at loads of different images and saving them (either mentally or onto Pinterest/desktop folders) to look back on in the future. 

That's really my most common ways into gaining inspiration, however there is an end of possibilities out there! What are your favourite ways of gaining inspiration?

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  1. I think I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest or even just the people around me (they're very smart and arty farty :b). Great post!

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  2. Yeah people are definitely a great source of inspiration- especially if you're in a studio/creative space kind of thing and thank you!

  3. I gain inspiration from life! How cheesy :P I just write about whatever comes into my life, whether it be a new restaurant, beauty product or how I'm feeling. If it's there I'll just write about it :D xx

    1. Yeah that is definitely the best way to get inspiration for creating blog posts! :) xx

  4. Couldn't agree more about the outside being the best place for inspiration! x

    1. Definitely just want to get out with my camera more! x



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