Hello May!

Thursday, May 01, 2014

So it's May already. I really can't believe it! April has been really crazy and busy with so much at college going on and obviously coming home yesterday from being away to London. 
I have to admit this post usually is up at like 10:30 'cause I normally schedule these. But to be honest I totally forgot May started this week as stupid as it sounds. I was away and like on Monday I realised that I had even thought of this post! I had planned to write it last night but if you kept up with me on Twitter, you may have seen that I've been ill. Last night I basically got home, slightly unpacked, showered and went straight to bed. I was feel so rubbish and I'm still feeling pretty rubbish now.

Anyway, at the start of last month I wrote a few goals that I hoped to succeed this past month.
To start of with I was hoping to take more photos- which I feel I have done. While away for Harry Poter I took about 500 photos and then while I was away in London I think I took about the same. Apart from that, I don't think I took much other photos.
I also said I was going to get out more, in the end I didn't really do this to be honest! I think I just got too distracted with college work and overwhelmed myself with it.
The last thing I said I was going to do was Design More. Now I haven't done anything proper apart from sketching but it's a start. Like I said before I did just overwhelm myself with college stuff. 

Throughout May I hope to do a little better with my goals that include:
Reading more- This is kind of continuing on from my resolutions that I shared at the start of the year. Even though on my GoodReads page it says I'm on course. I don't exactly feel like I am. I'm just not making time for reading and haven't got that little bit of energy to do it at nights recently. So I hope to do change that this month and read maybe like 3 books this month.
Be more confident- Recently I've just felt a little 'inside myself'. Like I don't really speak up when I should have and such. I think the main push for this has been an incident that's happened recently. I just feel like I get walked over a bit too much, yano?
Be Happy- Now this one sounds a little odd. There's a few reasons I've mentioned this. 1. My 100th day of #100happydays occurs this month and I really hope to carry this on and be sharing photos of things that have been making me happy that day. 2. I've been having those 'down' days a little more. 3. It also kind of relates to me be more confident point. 
BDEM- Okay so this stands for Blog Every Day In May. I've done something similar to this back in December. But I felt that it would be fun to try and do it with posts this month! 

That's all my goals for this next month, what's your goals for this month?

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  1. Lovely goals! Hope you achieve them and I hope you're feeling better :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  2. Such a great idea! We always like setting little goals throughout the year, but we're terrible at sticking to them and achieving them:( We hope you're feeling better!


    1. I know I feel this is definitely a better way at keeping to my kind of hopes & resolutions! :) and thank you



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