Gretna Green & Westmorland Haul

Friday, May 02, 2014

Last week I shared what I bought from the Harry Potter Studios, but no that wasn't all I bought while I was away! On our way down we stopped at the Gretna Green Shopping Village and then the hotel we stayed at in Westmorland had a cute little farmshop where I got something too. I ended up buying most of these from my favourite shop- The Works!

The first proper thing me and Darren bought while at the Shopping Village were these two teas. The Damson Plum is soo yummy and we have almost finished the little tin! I'm hoping I may be able to pick up another tin or two while down in London. The second tea was a Mint Chocolate Tea that I felt would be perfect for me as I'm a major hot chocolate lover! However, so far I've not been that impressed with it.

Near the start of the year I shared a review on the book called Poison Study. Since then Darren bought the second and third book from The Works as I couldn't find them anywhere else. While looking at The Works and the Shopping Village I spotted the 4th to 6th books in the series. Due to the fact that The Works always have great deals on books I felt I would just pick these up in case I have trouble finding them later!

While in the works as well I spotted that they had packs of washi tape! I ended up buying these two packs as I loved the colours of the ones on the left and the patterns are really cute on the right. 

I ended up buying quite a few pens as well- yes I'm a pen hoarder. I've bought the fine line pens before but I've lost them all. The second pen I bought was a marker kind of pen. I love these types of pens that have thicker and thin tips so had to add another one to my collection. The last two pens I just had to buy because they are seriously so pretty.

From the Westmorland Services Farmshop I bought this cute little sketchbook! I ended up 'ooohing' and 'aaahhing' before deciding to buy it. I did manage to get it slightly cheaper due to the fact that the hotel gives the people staying vouchers to use in the shop.
I hope you like all the things I picked up while I was away. Let me know of your recent holiday buys below!

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  1. Oooh I love all those washi tapes <3

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. Same they're great! For the two packets I think it was like £4 or so!!



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