End of Year Exhibition Logbook: Entry 2

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Since last week I've managed to get a little further on with my projects for my End of Year Exhibition. On Monday I finished my report based on different Graphic Design Trends- which featured things like 3D printing, Adobe Cloud and Laser Printing. 

I also decided what I was going to do for my brief. If you had been keeping up with my on twitter this week you may have seen that for my project I've decided to combine my two majors loves- books and design. Obviously I had to do something with the later but I've always wanted to design a book cover or something so felt this would be the perfect time to try it!
After deciding on this it meant deciding on which genre of book I was going to do.With most of my read books being of the Young Adult or Fantasy genre I initially felt that this would be the way to go. The first book I thought of to do was The Book Thief, as this is one of my recent reads. After speaking to my lecturer she suggested that I should do more than one book so that a collection would be created. 

After a bit of brain storming I have came up with three books that are going to be used in the collection. The first obviously being The Book Thief. Since I have already read The Boy In The Stripped Pyjamas I felt this would be a good one to include. The last one was one I came across on GoodReads which is Code Name Verity. I picked up copies of the last two yesterday so I can have a refresher of TBITSP and to actually read Code Name Verity. 

I also have added some more to my research boards. I've looked up some book covers of the books I've decided to focus on to see what's previously done and I've also been looking back on the books that I've already pinned. 

I'm really looking forward to taking this to the end and can't wait to see what I do!

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