End of Year Exhibition Logbook: Entry 1

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

With being back to College this week after having our little trip it means that it's time to get all prepped and ready for the End of Year Exhibition, ah! After being briefed on Monday, we've been given the briefs that will basically be running through until the week or so before the actual Exhibition Date. 

This week I've been just kind of muddling through little parts of the brief while also designing a poster for the mini Exhibition we have on next week. For this Exhibition it is basically just a showcase of work that has been produced from inspiration while away. The only thing was that the designs had to relate with the tubes in Zones 1/2. After being told this, we were also told we could use any photographs we had taken, in the end I felt that I would go down my preferred route of things and take an illustrated route. 

This week I've also been looking into what I'm going to create for my Self Initiated Project. I have at the moment a few initials ideas but I'm not sure which one, or if I will even take one of these ideas forward and do it. Our lecturers have suggested trying to think of ideas that could be used to fill gaps in our portfolio, for pieces that you can be very creative with or try using different materials- or even better a mix of all three! I have felt that I may be lacking in the packaging department of my Portfolio so I think I would be best doing this. I also feel that I could go back and use the laser cutter again but also have been considering maybe using the screen printer again. I realise I am just kind of waffling here but I'm just trying to write all these ideas down so that I remember them. 

This week I've also been meddling in producing my CV that I have to design for my mock interview next month. I've got my portfolio more or less sorted after having a few University Interviews so I think with this I'll just need to tidy it up and get back my pieces from my Graded Unit!

After this post is published I think I'm going to go start of on the 800 word report (yay!) to try and just get it out of the way so I can focus on the bigger picture. 

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  1. Hi, god, right so I just briefly stalked your instagram and saw that picture of Charles Trippy and I felt the need TO SHARE MY LOVE FOR HIM WITH YOU.

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