BEDM in Review

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Over the past month, most of you have probably realised that I've been taken part in Blog Every Day in May. At the start of the month I did feel like it would be easy- especially with the fact that I noted down everything that I would like to blog about this month. However, half way through the month with the stress of college weighing on my shoulders I did slightly struggle but obviously I have made it through!
I have felt I have learned a lot through BEDM, mainly that I have enjoyed the idea of blogging every single day. It was a challenge but one I managed to do surprisingly! Looking back on the posts I have written though I do feel that there have been some that haven't been my usual style but then I suppose that was part of the reason of this challenge- to get you out of your comfort zone and do something a little different with your blog. At the moment though I don't feel that blogging everyday for me is the right thing to do though as I am still busy with college and work. But I do hope to blog maybe slightly more and have more of a proper scheduling date as I know some weeks I've blogged Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday or even more obscure and it's not easy to keep up with!

Have you been taking part in BEDM? How have you found it? 

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  1. Congrats on actually completing it! I considered blogging everyday in April for a while but decided it probably wouldn't work out so I didn't bother, but I do think it would make for an interesting challenge!

    Megan // Lazy Thoughts

    1. Thank you! And you should definitely try and do it, even if it's only like a 10 day challenge!

    2. I've only just seen your reply, but that's an idea. Did you have something noted down for every day of the month before you started or did some ideas come to you throughout?

    3. I tried to note down ideas for each day of month but there was some gaps like one or two each week. But generally I just filled those gaps in with last minute ideas or using the prompts.



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