Sunday Summary #14

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Overall this past week has been incredibly awesome and I have taken sooo many photos and put so many on instagram so I will try and limit the ones I'm showing just now! I'll also limit what I'm saying as I will have a full write up about it next week! 
Last Sunday night I went to my mums bingo with her and Darren. I ended up winning £1.50- yay! Monday we were travelling quite a bit but stopped at the Gretna Shopping Village where I bought a few things (haul post will also be uploaded, but that will be next week). After having tea, Darren and I took a walk where I took photos on my camera and went to the little farm shop beside the hotel. Tuesday was a looong day of travel as there had been quite a few accidents while travelling down the M6! I also wasn't feeling to great and was being bothered with a sore throat. Wednesday meant Harry Potter Day(!!) and it was such a great day and the whole thing was brilliant! I bought a fair few things and a butter beer and it was amazing! Thursday we travelled all the way home but it wasn't too bad as the traffic was quite smooth. On Friday, Darren and I went home to Darren's so that we could see his family. For most of the day we spent it with Darren's younger siblings- we watching Frozen in 3D, played outside and played a game of Monopoly. Yesterday was spent with Darren's family a lot as well. We watched Frozen again because his mum hadn't seen it in 3D as well and also played Mario Kart. 

On OhHay! this week...
  1. Pinterest Favourites #17- Another collection of favourites that mainly involved illustrations.
  2. Review Frozen- After watching Frozen I had to write a review of Frozen!

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