Pinterest Favourites #16

Monday, April 07, 2014

After being really busy last week and staying up till crazy'o'clock on Sunday and Monday I never got round to sharing my favourites last week so here's a little round up of the past 2 weeks! 

Lovely paper illustration by Claire Mojher. Also Chinese cut paper art for more inspiration.
First Anniversary by Claire Mojher
How beautiful is this tunnel book made with paper? 
How To Draw A Bird-Luke Pearson
After finding out we're going to the NoBrow studios I kind of went
on a Luke Pearson search! I love his work and came across this. It's so
quirky and funny.
Infographic Resume - Self Branding by Qianhui Tan, via Behance
Infographic Resume by Qianhui Tan
Looking into designs for CV's to make my own and Clare
came across this one. It's so cute and a great design/illustration!
more sketchbooks
Sketchbook Pages by Wit & Whistle
I don't know why but I just love these sketchbook pages.
Valentine Printables
Valentines Printables by ShopStudioPebbles
How cute are these printables? My favourites have to be the fox and sweet ones!

That's really all my personal favourites for this time. Let me know what you think of these below. And as ever, you can look at even more of my pins @LaurenGemmaHay

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