Hello April!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I can't believe it's April already! This year is going far to fast and I truly don't want my college time to end- even if some people annoy my to hell and back! Also, I hope none of your fell into any nasty April Fool pranks today and if you did you can easily share it below! Now onto my goals from the past month.

Try and relax more- This has kind of half happened. There's a few times I've came home and not bothered to pop on my laptop just due to being exhausted and have ended up just reading or watching TV. However, I never did have a bath this month -I did have showers- so that's still one thing I've yet to fit in. But with my Easter holidays starting next week I think I'll probably try to have one then. 
Get into a routine of taking my make up off- At the start of the month I picked up the La Roche Posay DUO+ and a few other facial stuff. I think all the new products I was using just ended up damaging my skin even more so at the moment I've stepped backward and have been just washing my face then applying the La Roche Posay Cream. I have to admit in the past 2 weeks while doing this, I have seen a bit of improvement in my skin! Spots clear up quicker and I don't see to be having spots that are as bad as usual- so hopefully it just keeps improving. 
Work hard- This is kind of a mixed thing. I have been working my butt of- staying up till like 2am the past two nights to try and get stuff done. But with a set back in the early stages I kind of got a bit disheartened. After my mentoring session today though I feel that everything has gone really well and feed back has generally been good throughout so I hope this means I'm on my way to getting an A.haha that rhymed! 
Be organized- I've not really improved on this to be honest! I've stopped stressing out though because I know there is more important things I have to be doing like my Graded Unit and I can always write posts later on. 

For April I definitely need to step my game up and do better at keeping to my goals!
Take lots of photos- So over the next month I'm away to the Harry Potter Studio Tours and to London with college so I'm going to end up wanting to take snapchats of everything! I have always been that person to take photos of anything but always felt a bit awkward or stupid doing so, but while I'm away and out and about I'm going to take lots of photos so I can look back at them!
Get out more- Ok so I realise I have just said I'm away to a few places this month but generally when I'm off college and not working I don't do very much. To get out more to me means a few things: catching up with friends, visiting places I haven't been for a while and just going for a standard walk. 
Design more- So after doing my Graded Unit I should be taking a break but nope! I have thought up a lot of ideas and I really want to produce these properly. I also have a date set (kind of) for a mock interview at college so I have to design a CV for myself. I'm going go try and take this and make it into something that I could end up using not only for the CV, but also for this blog and any artwork I create. 

That's really all I'm hoping for this month, it's not a massive amount but that's just due to the fact that I will still be slightly busy with Graded Unit for the next few weeks and because I am actually away for about 2 weeks this month! Anyway, let me know your goals and hopes for the next month in the comment below! 

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  1. I always try to improve on the whole being organised thing but it doesn't work for me either :b My goal is just to keep working and get things done, not really be organised but just keep doing stuff :)

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. haha yeah! I feel like when I finally get my room into a better organised space it may be a little easier. Means I'll be able to do some work properly as well and not sit on my bed and at a desk... That's basically the same with me too! :)



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