Photo Diary: Harry Potter Trip Part 1

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Last week meant the fully awaited trip to The Making of Harry Potter Studio. I knew before I came home I had taken a lot of photos while away but I hadn't realised how much, in the end it was about 500 photos...
Anyway, because I have collected this amount of photos I felt it would be best to do this in two parts. One with all the photos not from the tour and another from the tour. I will be writing a summarised kind of thing for this post and about the tour in another.

Last Monday we headed for Westmorland where we were staying. The hotel had really beautiful surroundings so I was really wanting to capture these. Before reaching the hotel we stopped at the Gretna Green Shopping Village. While there I did buy a few things. I ended up buying a drink called Snapple from Cadburys (soooo nice), a heap of stationery from The Works and Darren & I also bought two different Whittard's Tea. In the evening after having tea, Darren and I took a walk round the hotel and went to the little farm shop/services beside it. I bought a new little sketchbook that's really adorable! 
I should also explain, Darren's family have this tradition of counting Eddie Stobart Lorries while travelling, so we ended up doing this too. It ended up turning into a huge battle with me, Darren & my parents all shouting when we seen one. By the end of the holiday we spotted about 120- but that was only when we were paying attention, the real amount we passed would have probably been at least 250!

On the Tuesday, we left Westmorland & headed for Milton Keynes. This drive was very long & tedious due to two different circumstances- the first being an accident causing a bit of a tail back & then the second was because I wasn't feeling well. For about an hour I sat in the car not speaking due to the fact that my throat was killing me so much! We eventually got to Milton Keynes around tea time, where we went to the restaurant just beside the hotel.

Wednesday was finally the big day, Darren and I ended up getting to the Studious about 20 past 10, when our time slot wasn't till 12. We decided to look around the shop for a little bit until we found out that we could just go in early. I'm glad we did have the little time in the shop because once we got through the tour the shop was packed! I also managed to get a few shots of the displays which I wouldn't have been able to do other wise. After we left and met my parents we headed up to Stratford. We had tea at a Chinese but the service wasn't too great to be honest. Darren and I just headed up to our room after tea because we both had a few shows that we wanted to watch/catch up on, including Game of Thrones.

After all this we left on the Thursday morning and made our way home. We stopped a few places on the way up the road including the Gretna Green Services, which is always my favourite place to stop coming home cause it means you're back in Scotland!

That's all for part 1. I'll be uploading part 2 in a little bit! 

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