Guest Post: Scrapbooking Scraps DIY

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Today's post is a special one as it is my first proper guest post! This guest post is written by one of my favourite bloggers- Dainty and Ivory! In her guest post, she has given some tips on how to use those little bits of scraps in scrapbooking. 

Fabric Scraps
Gems- optional


For the DIY I found a plain scrapbook that I hidden away and gave it a pretty new cover. All you will need for this very simple and quick DIY (other than fabric and a scrapbook) is scissors and glue!

To start of with you need a collection of fabric. As I work with felt and fabric a lot, being a bit of a hoarder I tend had a lot lying around just in case there was ever a chance I needed to use them, you never know when you might need that tiny scrap of pink/purple/white etc. felt. Recently though my pile of scrap fabric has grown too big, so I felt something needed to be done with them. I also collect note/scraps books, so I thought I would combine my love of the two and whittle down my pile of fabric. 

Before I committed I had a play around with ideas, I'm a big fan of florals, so of course I had to play around 
with that idea. I also had a go at a hot air balloon design. To decorate your scrapbook you can use other little things like gems or sequins to decorate as well!

In the end I went with my favourite design that had to be the little rain clouds. To create this design I cut cloud shapes from the scraps and then used scrap denim to make the raindrops. Once I was happy with the layout I glued everything down. Simple as that.

The best thing is that this idea can be applied to anything from greeting cards to
 gift boxes, its a great way to use up scrap fabric and the amount of designs is endless. I'd love to see what ideas you come up with!

I hope you have all enjoyed this guest post and are now inspired to go crafting! Also, keep an eye out in the next few weeks for some more scrapbooking related posts! To show us of your designs that you create either tweet us at @LaurenGemmaHay and @DaintyandIvory or use the hash tag #OhHayDIYs.
Also, let Hannah and I know if you have any great tips for keeping your scrapbooking costs low!

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