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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

I've been pretty busy with this so I haven't really had time to take photos and such of all my work that I've done so far. But as I'm of on holiday now I have been able to get round to doing so. With this edition I'm just sharing all my work that I've done up until this point.

In my last update I showed the sketches that I had started doing for the branding/logo of the exhibition and have since came to a final decision on this thanks to people on twitter and facebook! In the end I decided to go with majority vote that is shown above. I have to admit I was torn between the two left designs but in the end went the bottom one due to the fact that I felt it would work better within the different pieces of designs.

During the time where I was developing my logo and starting to sketch different layouts and pieces, I visited the Make Aberdeen. Make Aberdeen is a little hub in the centre of Aberdeen that has lots of different pieces of equipment including a 3D Printer, Vinyl Cutter and of course, a Laser Printer. You've probably seen that I've seen a lot of time there from my instagram posts but it is a great place! The day Clare and I signed up we used the machines and done a little bit of experimentation with how shapes would work and what they would end up looking like after being printed out. 

I have also started developing and finalising some of the pieces that will be used as promotional material. I have also started on the website and merchandise. 

For the promotional material I had always known that I would produce a poster and a leaflet. These designs fit together as I felt that it was important that they shared the same design. For these two pieces I had sketched out a few different designs and layouts that were inspired by other promotional material and items I had made during my experimentation like my origami swan. In the end, I went with one of my original designs based on the classic children's book- The Secret Garden.
This design was heavily illustrated and featured nature elements. I decided that in the end this could end up working as a laser print as well.

During this process I had also thought of two different ideas that could be pieces used as Guerilla Marketing. With the first of these was the fortune teller things you used to make when you were a child. Instead of the design featuring random colours and numbers like the standard ones have, the one I created had illustrated origami animals on them and then questions relating to each of the different target markets. Once the fortune teller had been unfolded the centre would give the details of the Exhibition. I felt this piece would be fitting as it was a way for children to also engage and want to visit the exhibition without having to read a formal leaflet.

The second piece of Guerilla Marketing was taken from inspiration of the fortune teller idea and also from this diy. I felt that this promotional piece, although similar to the one above, would be more fitting to the 'student' demographic and could be seen in places like pubs and bars more likely than the fortune teller.

Now for the merchandise I had been stuck on what I was actually going to do for this. I had thought of a number of things: badges, stickers, bookmarks, tunnel book, postcards, greeting cards and so on. But I've decided in the end to do what I feel a lot of people would appreciate most: badges and greetings cards.

For my 4th mentoring session I had made some badges using my badge maker. For my badges I ended up deciding to use the illustrations that I had used on the fortune teller plus a little pattern that I had made to possibly use on the promotional pieces. I also made a few that had the logo on the badge but I'm going to also make a few others with variations like the one above in different colours. 

I'm still yet to finalise my designs for my greeting cards but will hopefully be visiting Make Aberdeen some time this week to get these finished before going away.

As well as doing all this, I ended up making a rash decision and deciding to do the microsite instead of the website. Because I made this decision I ended up having to do more research into microsite and websites and also filling my first sketchbook! With my research I looked into different art/design festivals and general festivals. This meant I ended up looking at what important information needed to be at the top of the microsite. During this research I sketched up several different layouts I felt would hold the needs of the microsite. 
After developing these sketches, I started messing around on illustrator trying to get a final idea. I also sourced some images that will be replaced with my own just to see if these designs would work with the images I hoped to include. The only images that I probably won't replace is the ones the relate to each of the artists. 

This is basically the whole update from the past few weeks then. I'll try to post another update like next week when everything is hopefully completed. Please let me know what you think of everything so far though, as the feedback would be much appreciated!

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  1. WOW all this came out amazing!! Keep all the good work, I am sure you will find a great job when you are out of school.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

    1. Thank you so much it means a lot! :D

  2. What a great post! You are amazing! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award! x Tara

    1. Thank you! It truly means a lot!! :D

  3. Looks great Lauren - you have some fab ideas :) x



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