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Friday, March 21, 2014

Over the past few weeks I've been popping into lot's of charity shops and been to a car boot sale. From these little ventures I've picked up a few bits and bobs that I'd thought I'd share!

 So I realise I've said that I'm on a book buying ban! However, this does not include books from charity shops, car boot sales, etc! And that's where I picked these up. The top two I bought with a deal with the DVD below at a charity shop. And then The Lonely Bones I picked up as part of a raising money for charity from my work. I've never read the book but I've seen the film so thought it would be worth the read!
 As I said above, this was part of a 3 for 2 deal. I also picked it up because I've literally never seen this film before! I realise this is probably really surprising and people will be like 'OhMYGod!' but I have to admit I'm not one for really watching films. I also picked this up because of Jason Segel. I love him in 5 Yars Engagement and How I Met Your Mother, so felt this would be just as good!

 I picked the gloves up literally yesterday and they are brand new! Still had the tag on and everything. I've not tried too many soap and glory products-sorry beauty community-so thought that it would be worth picking this deal up! The top my mum actually picked up for me and it's so cute! I don't usually wear this type of colour but its too irresistible and adorable not to keep! 

I picked these little creatures up from a car boot sale and I was not able to just leave these at the stall! I have to admit they do look slightly creepy looking here but they are truly adorable in person! 

That's all my recent picks but I'm sure they'll be many more soon in the future! Let me know or link me to any of your Thrifting picks from recently! 

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  1. I've tried in vain to stop buying books but I just can't. Its a sickness!
    The owl tee is really cute, I see all these great charity shop fashion buys on peoples blogs and then go into the Oxfam/Age concern's near me and I never find anything. So frustrating!
    Oh and you don't really watch films? Get it sorted miss! :D x

    1. Same! But I've limited myself now to only buying from Charity Shops etc because I know they're a good deal, for a good cause, and probably won't come across them again!
      And I know they are brilliant! In my little town there's 2 charity shops but I tend to get most of my bits from ones in Aberdeen as there is such a wide range of them!!
      I know, i know! I bought DVD's last year from the boxing day/janruary sales and im still yet to watch them! I just prefer to actually read things to watching them. I tend to only watch films when I'm with folk or if it's on tv.x

  2. I really enjoyed the Lovely Bones when I read it (a bit disturbing though!). Books are nearly always better than the films made from them I reckon.
    We've just started watching the box set of How I met your Mother after finishing our Big Bang Theory marathon over the winter - I'm now the proud owner of a soft kitty t-shirt! Anyway, I can see why you like Jason Segel. He's rather lovely ;-)
    Lesley | Finch Five

    1. I know! I've always preferred books to films! I think that's why I don't really enjoy watching films in all honesty!
      Aw Big Bang Theory is great! I've got socks, a christmas stocking a few other merchandise that I love! And HIMYM is great hope you like the rest of the series since it's finished soon! x

    2. So glad that TBBT has been renewed til 2017! I'm really missing Sheldon!!!

      I know you're not supposed to be buying any books but have you read 'Snowflower and the Secret Fan', 'Shanghai Girls', 'Dreams of Joy' or 'Peony in Love' by Lisa See? They are the kind of books that make you really miss the characters after you finish them, they become so real! Some of them are a bit gritty and deal with hard issues but I loved them all. Have I asked you that before? I'm always trying to get people to read them. x

    3. Is it?! I've not heard about that tbh!!
      Oh I've never heard of that author or any of those books- I'll definitely check them out and add to my to read/buy lists haha! I don't think you have mentioned them before but let me know of any others you can think of, I'm always up for hearing about new books! x



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