Sunday Summary #9

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The week kicked off with an excessive amount of pinning, cutting, typing and gluing for getting things sorted for my first mentoring session! My first session was on Tuesday and went well (or so I am led to believe) and I mainly just need to finish of my research. On Wednesday I continued a little research into paper engineering by making origami swans and trying my hand at hand paper cutting intricate designs. I also got my first lemonade of the season as this week has been gorgeous weather! On Thursday night everybody was out of the house and I really couldn't be bothered making anything so I ordered Chinese. I also picked up these new socks that I wore on Saturday- so cute!! On Saturday, Darren, his little sister & her friend and I made some truffles. We ran out of chocolate strands so had to use a mixture of white and rainbow coloured ones instead. I also bought a few new things to try from Boots!

Time of work!
First mentoring session going really well
Sunny weather!

Forgetting keys
Going back to work at 7am :(

On OhHay! this past week:
  1. Pinterest Favourites #13- A little look into what's been inspiring me for my Graded Unit Project
  2. Graded Unit: Week 1- The first instalment of my Graded Unit Posts
  3. Live For The Little Things- Looking at the world and the little things in it 
This week on OhHay! will feature: week 2 of my Graded Unit and something else haha! 

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  1. "and something else" - looking forward to that, haha! Happy your mentoring session went well! Can't wait to see more of your work x

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. haha yeah i really need to plan my blog posts more...! and thank you! :3 x

  2. Origami is harder than it looks! Good work :) The sunny weather has been lovely hasn't it, just hope that isn't our summer over now! haha, xx Hayley-Eszti

    1. It definitely is haha! My friend tried to do it a few months back for a different project and roped me into help! and i know! xx



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