Sunday Summary #11

Sunday, March 30, 2014

This weeks been a bit hectic. On Monday, Clare and I went across to Make and signed up for their membership to use their equipment! We both had a shot on the laser printer. Tuesday, I had my Gray's interview and ended the day with some milk. On Wednesday it was freezing, so I decided to try Costa's new Belgian Hot Chocolate. Thursday before work I met a friend and had a lovely lunch at Books and Beans. Friday meant that the International Market was back in town and I was able to get poffertjes!!! At the weekend, I made some Pain au Chocolat. Today I painted my nails before going out for lunch. My mum also found this really lovely drawing and handwriting done by me for a mother's day when I was younger. I also have been working my butt of all afternoon doing my college stuff!

Finally finding out details for London trip with college!
Lovely smell of paper after being laser cut
Reading lovely comments about my calendar
Hilarious findings of years gone past

Stressing out with college work
Feeling stuck in a rut

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  1. Haven't had Pain au Chocolat in so long - best thing ever!

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

    1. They are amazing! Sainsbury's has the best ones- perfect combination of chocolate and pastry!

  2. I've sorry to hear that it's been a hectic week for you - it sounds like it's been fun though! I'm also rocking a red nail, how classy are we?!

    Amanda | Adventures from the Bookshelf

    1. I suppose it has been a well balanced week to be honest! Just getting stressed out with college as usual haha. And I know! Oh so classy!



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